Sunday, August 14, 2011

Stupidity has NO Bounds and Knows NO Color...

In the event that any one does NOT want to read the entire article, there is this "Rapper" who calls himself the Game... He tweeted in Compton, CA. that if someone wanted an internship that they needed to call a certain number. They did. 580K+ calls locked up the Emergency lines for a couple of hours. Several calls that did not get through to the lines were people that were being beaten, robbed and various other good deeds towards our fellow man...

Then the douche goes and says that his Twitter account was hacked. A statement or 2 later, he says that it was an accident? After all of that, he then tweets and I quote:

"Yall can track a tweet down but cant solve murders!" the tweet said. "Dat was an accident but maybe now yall can actually do yall job !!!!"

Wow... Thank God for public education...

** The Lunatic HAD to chime in! **

Mindful Lunatic:
I find this to be absolutely hysterical! I do! Any time that someone points out the obvious idiocy of a a black person, regardless how STUPID it is... It is RACIST! Wow... That case... I have a proposition for ALL o the people who think that my comment that follows is racist or racial propaganda...

When I went to school, I was 1 of 8 white kids in my school that housed over 600 students. I was beaten daily. I was taken out of school on a stretcher once due to the fact that I actually took down 3 of the guys that assaulted me. There were 2 paramedics that were hauling me out, and both of them were also black. However, since they were helping a white guy, they too were assaulted!

While attending that public school system, it was REQUIRED that I take African-American History. I asked WHY!? I am not black, I am not going to travel to Africa at any point in my life and I have no interest on that subject. I was forced due to it being the curriculum. In my studies, I found that the slave trade did start long before the ancestors of those here were brought here!

When one tribe in Africa overcame another tribe, the losers were enslaved by the victorious tribe. As time went on, and the traders and explorers landed in Africa and saw this, they started buying and trading with the victorious tribes…

Funny, how black people never see that aspect!

I have family that died in the Civil War fighting for the North. They died for freedom and the belief that men are equal. I pity the black men and women that have fought and died for the right and equal treatment of their people in America! Why? Look at what these mongrels have done with the freedom those before them fought for and in some cases DIED for… You are spitting on their achievements and memories!

Also, to clarify one other thing… I will NEVER refer to any black person as an African-American! Let me tell you why… I have followed my genealogy all the way back to Sweden. My family landed here in the tail end of the 1700’s. They came here in the pursuit of religious freedoms. Then as time went on and they spread out and they met others and had families, other nationalities were added to my DNA pool. When someone asks my Nationality, I say: AMERICAN! I do not and will not say: Swed-German-Euro-Native-American… I was BORN here! I have lived here all my LIFE! I will die here…

If a black person here wants to go to Africa and gain citizenship? I will at that time call the African American. Till that happens, YOU ARE AMERICAN! Get over yourself!

Alice Corver:
No you damn IDIOT. It isent about him being black or doing wrong. Its about you CRACKERS calling him a Monkey and Ni**** on every other comment. Your STUPID. Go play in traffic.

Mindful Lunatic:
Sorry, I forgot to add my proposition... It is simple! If you can find actual reason behind the celebrated stupidity that you people breed? You tell me a reason or real explanation as to why you embrace ignorance? I will happily provide you with the travel arrangements back to your "Native Lands"! There you can jump from tree to tree and chuck spears at monkeys and each other till your little hearts are content!

I have the PERFECT example... I asked a VERY good friend of mine as to WHY it is OK for him and his friends and family to drop the "N-Bomb" on each other, but if I do it... I will be sporting so toe-bling!

I will never forget his answer!

Friend: You say it as a white man, you say it with an ER, we say it and drop the ER and add an A at the end... So, we took something that was bad and spun it to have a positive meaning.

Mindful Lunatic: HOW!? So, it is OK if I call other whites: Cracka, or a Jewish person: KIKA? I will try it and write again with my findings...

@ The Mindful Lunatic. I read your story and I agree with you completely. I feels sorry that you went to that horrible school. For a wonder they taught that slavery started in Africa. I would've thought these blacks would purposely ignore that to further their agenda. Do not worry about Alice. She is stupid and uneducated. Look at the way she writes. Ebonics all the way.

Mindful Lunatic:
Alice Corver... You are a stupid POS! I have read A LOT of your posts today! I have to say that NOT ONE of them was intelligent in any way shape or form! Also, ALL of your attempts at flaming other Yahoo Users ALL involved: Go Play In Traffic! You Alice Corver are the shining Poster Child for contraceptives!

Mindful Lunatic:
Oh, one other thing Alice... I will bet you any amount of Grape Soda or Red Kool-Aid and pork rinds, that you did not even read my entire comment! ANY amount you want! If you can count past 10, without taking off your shoes you stooge!

Wave Rider:
so its ok to call someone a cracker and not be racist...but its not ok to call someone a n..gger because that would be racist......well at least i know who my parents are and who raised me to get a job and be a parent.

Mindful Closing on this Lunacy...

In closing, I thank all those who replied! To Alice Corver, if your prying eyes ever managed to find this post? I really do feel sorry for those around you! I do! Also, you should not be insulting the general public! Thanks to us, you have a roof and food! Have a GREAT day! 

** Update from the Asylum **

I am about to be strapped in for the night, but wanted to drop a dose of reality for some... I was curious if my voices had been heard and so I looked at the postings I did earlier concerning this moron... I was treated to a jolt of joy, no not the therapeutic kind!

The Tally reads:

Mindful Lunatic: 20+ and 5-

Alice Corver: 0+ and 8-


I will add this ONE last dose of reality before they call Lights Out. I admit that I poked fun at Alice for being a product of the system and public schools... Here is a rather ironic truth... So am I. 

Before I moved off to college, I was met with a lot of resistance from a lot of people. That is the first time I ever said anything that made me feel confident in myself, ironically it was also one of the last...

Before you can succeed, you must first take the chance to fail. 

I said that in 1997. I have tried to live by that and when I fail at something, yes it hurts! The more you fail it hurts just as bad... But when you actually reach the goal you are after... WOW! The feeling is beyond compare and description!

I have been very fortunate to be able to attend college, I did NOT graduate High School. I dropped out in 12th grade and got my G.E.D. = Good Enough Diploma. Then after taking a year off, I went to college. It truly saddens me that so many people, NOT just blacks and other minorities, but PEOPLE are so happy to settle for the EASY things that come to them! For God sakes, get off your ass and put some effort into your life! For most people these days, there is only UP from where they are.

I am still in the hunt for a degree, however I refuse to settle! I refuse to sit back and let everyone worry about me! Finally, I REFUSE to be a statistic! 

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