Tuesday, August 2, 2011

SCAM! 8774811147

Another bullying phone call from a recording. 

I saw the caller ID and it said: 1-877-481-1147

Not knowing who it is, I answered only to hear a recording of a man's voice saying:

Hello, I have a file concerning you that has been forwarded to my office. I see that there have been several corespondents that have tried to reach you! I need to hear from you by 5pm today. You can reach me at 8774811147, and please ask for me: Charles Doolittle. Again, that number is 8774811147.

Then the call drops. There is NO notification or identity given of a company name or a debt, or anything. If some moron thinks that I am giving them anything but a Hi-Ho, and a high flying middle finger right up their nostril!

I do not know how I got on these people's lists. This is one of many calls I have gotten like this! As they continue, I will keep adding! I will keep reporting them! 

If those idiots that are calling ME are reading my blogs for some unknown reason, understand something... The phone calls you make go through a computer at some point! You are harassing me... You are using a computer and harassing me. I am a nerd, I am a computer guy... I will find you! 

What are YOU going to do...
When I show up at your doorstep? 

Have a good day! 

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