Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Reality TV... That is an Oxymoron!

Kate Gosselin, Kim Kardashian, then all the stupid shows that follow... 

Toddlers in Tiaras, Little People Big World, Too Damn Many Kids I lost Count, L.A. Ink, Miami Ink, NY Ink, Pawn Stars, American Pickers, Man vs. Food, Dinners & Dives, oh… Almost forgot the advertisement I heard about… Redneck Hand Fishing… WTF!? 

I remember being a kid when Mtv started... I thought that was pretty cool! Videos ALL the time... I blame Mtv for starting this CRAP! Mtv started with the genre of shows of this caliber… I blame the morons that wanted to make money off of nothing! Great… 

I don't watch TV! Have not watched TV in a few years! I cannot tolerate the absolute piles of shit that they are broadcasting these days! Seriously!

There are a few that I CANNOT even fathom how people DO these things let alone condone the actions! Point of reference: Toddlers in Tiaras... I want to personally go to each of the parents and have their genitals mutilated beyond ALL hopes of ever being used again! EVER! These people should not be allowed to reproduce! To make these kids have a reality based on looks and their alleged talents? What happened to being a KID for crying out loud!? 

I cannot stand all the “reality shows” anymore… I cannot stand watching a sitcom either! Their portrayal of life is never even close to accurate! 30 minutes and then every one learns a valuable lesson… Awwww. 


The most realistic shows I have ever had the privilege to watch: Titus, and the George Carlin Show… Both did not last long! 

These “Reality Show” casts… They over dramatize the most mundane and trivial of things. The one show that my wife likes to watch, what the hell is it called? Storage Wars? These people bid on storage lockers that have been repo’d or abandoned and then they show the most common of people and then they have the good guys, the people that you “love to hate” and then every once in a while you get some one that is just obnoxious… To me, they are all stupid! POINT BLANK! 

I hate how these people are striving to make bank off of nothing! What about this? A reality show of a single mom that supports 4 kids off of one job, she makes too much for government assistance, but still manages to feed her kids even though the Dad that is a deadbeat has run off and does all that he can to dodge child support! THAT is a reality show! THAT is today’s reality! 

I hate people in general! I do! I cannot stand the decline in society that I am seeing every day… You want a reality show… I am happy to do one for you! I will not waste your time with commercials and advertisements! 

Let me take a video crew and I will sit there on the toilet and pinch off a loaf! Then you can watch me strain and push myself to the point of an embolism and then flush… That is what I think of the programming offered today! THAT IS what I think of society… Today… 

Guess what else… It is not going to get any better! No one wants to change! No one wants to do anything about it… 

So, next time you want to sit down? Think about that turtle head poking out, then as you get all emotional trying to hold it back long enough to make it to the bathroom, hand the remote to someone else so that they can change the channel to hopefully something a bit more realistic and entertaining!

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