Thursday, August 25, 2011

The MUZLEM Plague is Spreading...

There was a rather extensive article on how the NYPD is monitoring and infiltrating the MUZLEM community with the help of the CIA. GOOD! They are here, on our land and doing all that they can to take our country back several centuries... Sorry, NO DICE! 

I have read a lot of comments and I have to admit that I left a few comments here and there. There was ONE comment left by an individual who is either totally brain dead, or MUZLEM... I have not been able to figure out which just yet!

I am just saying that it is interesting how people are so blind and choose to be ignorant, whether it be out of defiance or laziness. Either way, it is annoying! 

** The Idiots got OUT of their Cages **

islam is a religion of high morality,kindness and good behavior,and justice; one of the fundamental concepts that islam emphasizes on all occasions isthe concept of justice and law.also islam comes from the root ofsilm andsalam,meaning peace,sub-mission,purity and sincerity. tha what about of islam,there is nothing wrong about it.cia and nypd keep it up.

Mindful Lunatic:
have read the Holy Book of Islam... I would not even use it to wipe with! It is GARBAGE! That book teaches and preaches HATE and intolerance for ALL women and NON MUZLEMS! I have no use for one living or dead! Preferably the latter of the 2 but hey, whatever! You want to support their crap? Go over there in to their land and if you live long enough to take refuge in a cave, it is a matter of time till they take you out for being different... Funny how that works, huh?

Anthony J.:
Sharia law---- no democracy or rights there--- women are treated as cattle.

Yahoo User:
If you really believe all that, you've been sold a bill of goods. It's not the peace-loving religion you've been sold on.

You can NOT be serious, what a load of malarkey, anyway its permissible to lie to non-believers to further islom, geehad, shariah, and etc, ad nausium.

And what planet do you live on? Not this one, for sure!

Is this guy for real!?!?!

Put the crack pipe down!!! You must really b HIGH!!!!! Phuck Islam!!!!

Ibrahim has never been to pakistan or a muslim country

Islam is totalitarianism shrouded in religion. It is a sham, whose only goal is conquest.

Robert H:
islam IS all about law and justice. Trouble is, islamic "law" is a barbaric throwback to the ninth century, and islamic "justice" would be more accurately classified as crimes against humanity.

Mindful Lunatic:
@ Robert H: I agree with you on your comment however you are a tad bit off... It is NOT the 9th century, it is actually the 7th Century that the "True Believers" live in... I have been studying Islam for many years! Not because I want to convert, I believe in understanding my enemy! I like to know who wants to see me, my family and my country dead. So, I have studied. I have to say that the more I study the less I understand. The more I comprehend, the more I want ALL of them GONE!

Mindful Lunatic:
As far as Muhammad being a god, no he was NOT! He is a self-proclaimed Prophet... Like That Old crusty dude in California that Campings guy, or another one: David Koresch, or the even more famous: Jim Jones. All of these people are SELF proclaimed prophets. Simple. He was nothing, then he convinced a lot of idiots looking for something and BAM! Now we have fanatical sand merchants everywhere!

Mindful Lunatic:
I have to apologize for all the comments I am leaving, just like to address one reply at a time instead of mixing them all into one and making little to no sense.

I find it funny how the MUZLEMS are seeing themselves are the way! The absolute way! I like how all others that are not MUZLEM are seen as the infidels and are to be put to death...

Maybe, just maybe Muhammad wanted to tap a Jewish girl and got rejected because he himself did not accept the Torah and or was not accepted by the Jewish faith?

Then he tried his moves on a Christian... Smacked down again! That would explain their chauvinistic views on women! That would explain why the MUZLEM Men use women ONLY for breeding and turn to other men for pleasure...

That would explain a lot actually!

Why does it always have to come down to sex with you guys? Is that all you have on your brain.

Mindful Lunatic:
@ Idea: There are a lot of other issues with the Muzlem faith that bother me! I just find their deep rooted hatred and need to feel superior to Women very dumb. To sit here in the 2011, and tell me that you support their hatred, abuse, and the way that they mutilate female's genitalia for the simple belief that women are to receive NO pleasure during sex I find that to be disturbing at best! How anyone can justify this is beyond me!

If you are an adult and you want to have your lady parts removed and or altered, that is your deal! That is YOUR adult decision and I respect that! What about these little girls that they are mutilating? These children that are born into these ways and ideas are a clean slate! They know nothing else! They are brainwashed and taught that things that they are thrown into are the normal way of life!

The Middle East has their people SO CONFINED and controlled that they have no idea what the Holocaust is! So, when you tell me that it is always about sex? That is one of many, many examples as to WHY I cannot stand, tolerate or understand these moronic pieces of Dung! I hope that helps clarify things for you a bit!

** Same Article, Different Postings. Even more Idiots **

Mindful Lunatic:
Here is a thought... If you go to a land that is NOT your own? You do not like their ways and or laws? STAY OUT! DO not waste my time coming here! If they think that their rights are being taken away or imposed upon, what about the rights of the people that travel to their land? The people that they capture, kidnap, torture, and mutilate given any form of rights? NO! WHY SHOULD IT BE DIFFERENT HERE!? I would be perfectly happy and content knowing that ALL MUZLEMS were no longer sharing the oxygen that I breathe. Their existence bothers me! Not one alive is going to be of any use to me as an American citizen, born and raised! To those who do not realize, I know I spelled their word wrong... I do it for a reason! I want to #$%$ off all of them that I can! They want to come here and beat on their chest and try to intimidate me? It will take a lot more than they are capable of!

Jim Platanus Racemosa:
So where will you be leaving to since obviously you hate our American freedoms.

Mindful Lunatic:
@ Jim: If I go to their land, I have to adapt to their ways! If they come here, WHY should it be different? We have freedoms here! Yes, you are right sir! However NO ONE has the right to kill me, my family or country men and women... You must be one of the blind sheep that think Islam is peaceful! I hope you have insurance! You and all the rest of the blind sheep following the systematic processing need to have your head surgically removed from your backsides! The view is better and the air is so much more abundant!

** Here Come The Guards with Cattle Prods!I Don't Like the Look in their Eyes! **

 I have been prodded and maybe even branded, I am not sure... However before the meds kick in and I lose all continuousness, I will drop one more bit of wisdom on you...

When the Angel Gabriel supposedly revealed himself to Muhammad, in an early Islamic painting depicting this "meeting". The painting shows the angel with HOOVES for feet! 

I don't know what that means to the MUZLEMS, but the message portrayed is CLEAR! Muhammad does not tolerate non-muslims and advocates, condones, and rewards violence through Jihad! 

Looking through the Christian Bible, we have been warned about the trickery of the Devil presenting himself as part of or messenger from God.

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