Tuesday, August 30, 2011

More Findings, Decades too Late...

Yet another panel for the purpose of disclosure. This panel was formed to find the inhumane treatment on inmates, mental patients, and other people such as prostitutes. 
While the study shows little to no benefit and that the treatments were just as I said inhumane, I do not disagree with the practices of using the people who are not helping our society. 

I do not think that people understand this! There are a lot of things that were horrific in history that got us the advancements we have today! Some of our most helpful and greatest achievements were discovered by accident and even in some cases in the fog of tragedy! 
Now, these days people are far too worried about the treatment of animals, other people regardless of their convictions and or status. I am NOT trying to be a socialite, or snob in any fashion! I am merely saying that if you hurt society, and you rape, kill, and or do other horrific tings to other human beings? Well, you owe a debt to society! 

I cannot see how locking someone up, and making them an even worse hardened criminal, wasting my tax dollars and resources actually rehabilitates someone! Not one bit! However, if they are in jail for life? I want to know that MY fellow man who choose to follow the straight and narrow path, that does work and to what they can to provide for themselves and their family... I want to KNOW that we are taken care of! I want to know that these people who commit heinous crimes not only are taken out of society, but again I scream this: I want to know that they are actually HELPING the human race! 

** The Lunatic is Back at it... Again **
I think it is absurd at best that theses so called Findings and Disclosures happen several decades after the fact! When the statutes of limitations have long been expired. Now, looking back at this type of thing that happened... Yes even by todays overbearing standards these things are inhumane.

Personally, I could not care less about testing drugs and medical procedures on inmates! They would not be inmates if they did not deserve it! I know, I know that there are some wrongfully imprisoned. I am talking about the crap sacks that are chewing through my tax dollar sitting on death row using appeal, after appeal. Those people that DID do it, why should they be given room and board, health care, all on my dime? If they are able and willing to take my tax money? Then I feel that we should be able to benefit from them!

If performing medical experimentation or even hooking inmates up to a car battery is going to better the livelihood of my family or fellow man? I will say that Black is Negative and Red is Positive!

Look up the innocence project. Lots of dath row inmates have been proven innocent and set free.

Mindful Lunatic:
@ Zippo, you are picking and choosing or just missing my point! I am not talking about ALL! OK!? I am talking about these people that are guilty beyond any reasonable doubt! I am referring to people that are there and have confessed to their crime and still think that they should not be contained!

For instance... I was watching 20/20 a long time ago. There is a Prison in the South, I want to say Alabama? The Warden instituted the use of the chain gangs again. The prisoners were all screaming how it was inhumane... OK? The reporter that was doing that story asked one of the inmates that they were following why he felt that the treatment that he was being subjected to was so unfair. This inmate gave reasons and they were not even valid, point blank! Then the reporter asked him: "What did you do to be convicted?"

Sadly, I do not think that he was kidding! The inmate told him on camera that he was convicted of 6 counts of murder: 1... Now, my point is that there is NO REASON that the inmate I am discussing should live! He took it upon himself to murder at least 6 people! WHY, please tell me why he should live foot loose and fancy free on my tax dollars eating up appeals and resources?

If he is going to live on the state and federal money? He should do something to benefit others with a positive outcome!

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