Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I'm like FEMA, Slow Results are Disappointing!

There is an article out right now on how the help that FEMA pledged to rebuild has been put on hold due to lack of funds!

I am sorry but a Government that is so spend happy as ours and they are running out of funding!? REALLY! Wow, I never thought that OUR government would ever go broke! Please excuse me while I stand here and gasp in surprise and sheer amazement...

** I may be mental, but I can still see through the wiring of the electric fence! **

You mean to tell me that the Government is running out of Funds? WHAT!? Oh wait, this is not a surprise!

Almost $400billion for defense but God forbid we save a little bit back to take care of our own people! Too busy waging war on other people's account and OUR money... This country is in a serious need of a political enema!

Not trying to be graphic, just saying that things are beyond the point of repair and hope! As much as I hate Nobama... He is not the only one to blame! He took bad to totally F*'d up, yes... But he had a good running start to work with!

I have had that comment up for about 2 hours. I have gotten 6+ and 1-
Now, the replies are starting... Are you ready to NERD RAGE!?

The Republicans keep cutting and cutting funding, holding the country hostage with the debt limit, but you want to blame Obama when the money runs out. Talk about a total lack of critical thinking.

You people are right about one thing, this country is doomed.

Mindful Lunatic:
@ MiguelM... Dude, I do not think you read or took in all that I said... OK? I said that he took bad to worse! He forced that health care bill thru congress with the speed of a raped date! It was not even remotely cool, understood anything!

Nobama is a tool! he is worried about his OWN agenda! I did NOT vote for him! I do NOT like him or his policies!

I simply said that this country is and has been going downhill for a long time! Now, we are so far passed broke and or repair that there is nothing left to do! He will be the fall guy for the state of this country!

Rightfully so, but at the same time, he had a LOT of help prior to his painting the White house another shade...

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