Sunday, August 7, 2011

I am WARNING them ONE Last Time!

 8664107751 ~ 866-410-7751 ~ (866) 410-7751

I have gotten another set of calls from these crooks! I did not answer so I can take the voicemail to my attorney that I am meeting with later this week.

I am going to be calling these assholes tomorrow. I will be asking them for a physical address. I will be warning them that the attorney that i am meeting with is requesting that I have their information so that he knows where to send the notification that I am suing them.

They want me to give them my personal information, they are after my bank account routing and account numbers. Then when I told them the LAST time these fucking assholes wrote, that I wanted a documented bill of services rendered... Does anyone care to guess what they said?

This is what was said:

Me: If I owe, who is it owed to?

Crooks: You owe us for services rendered to you by our customer!

Me: Who is your customer? If I owe someone and they turn me over to collections, I am entitled to get a hard copy of the bill that I allegedly owe!

Crooks: Sir, we bought your debt, and so you owe US!

Me: If THERE IS ANY money owed, I am entitled to a paper copy!

Crooks: Sir, if you do not comply and make at least an honest effort at paying on this bill, we will have no choice but to take this to the legal dept.!

Me: Go ahead! I want documentation of the money owed and the court date!

Crooks: What is your email address?

Me: Fuck you! I am not giving you shit! Send me a bill thru the mail! I am telling you that if I owe money, then YOU need to provide proof of money owed! You have my phone number, you can now send me the info!

Crooks: Sir, this is a serious matter, if we cannot come to conclusion and get this bill started we have no alternatives! We need at least a $200 payment a month to get this started to get paid off...

Me: I have no money at this time! I am NOT giving you ANYTHING! Call me again, and I will prosecute you! Got it!?

End of that convo!

Now, looking back at this convo...

NO Debt Collector will EMAIL YOU ANYTHING!
NO Debt Collector will with hold information from you about the ALLEGED DEBT!

Now one other thing... They said that I owe money to their customer... OK!? Who!? Us, we bought your debt... I am left asking which is it!? Them or their customer? They are so full of shit that their eyes are brown and their breath stinks!


I posted another Blog last week about this number. Now, I did a google search on this number and I found it interesting at best to find that they were being reported to have several names depending on WHO they called.

When they called me today, I listened to the message and it is the same thing, OVER AND OVER! Then when I called it back, I was given the option to hear my account info, I chose that. In order to access my account info, I had to put in my social security number! HELL NO!

Then I called again and tried to get an agent... They are closed on Sunday... FUNNY! I get calls on Sunday, but they are closed!? REALLY!?

Then something that just hit me is that they are calling them selves: Escalade Debt Services today... We will see who they are tomorrow... I will be continuing to post about these lazy assholes that rather prey on the weak minded and the gullible instead of getting a REAL job! Lazy pricks!

I will be sending THEM a bill soon! I will NOT settle easy either! I have a lot of bills to a LOT of people that I KNOW are legit! These assholes are going to be paying my bills to the real bill holders! REALLY SOON!

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