Wednesday, August 24, 2011

History + Ignorance = Repeat Business

Yesterday there was an article on how the workers at "Ground Zero" are still finding and identifying the remains from 9-11-01. The Twin Towers wreckage is still there and still getting cleaned up. Still they are finding more and more people to identify... This is truly messed up in my opinion! I commented:

Mindful Lunatic:
This is truly saddening! These people died for one reason. They were there! These people were victimized because they were HERE in the U.S.A.! Those who pulled off the attacks and the rest of their people danced and rejoiced in their lands burning our flags and reveling in the massacre of innocent American men, women, and children... Now, 10 years later they are flooding our streets, they are now the "Target Demographic" by American Companies like Wal-Mart, and McDonald's. They want nothing shy of total domination.

Sadly, here we are... Letting them have their way! Good to know that tolerance like ignorance is bliss!

**  I was treated to other people's idiocy!  **

Who is "they"? This is very non-specific. Are you referring to Saudis? All those of the Islamic faith? Children? The Chinese? Democrats? Wal-Mart shoppers?

You're right, its all turning backwards. Thing is that the violence won't end us, but the quiet overflow of immigrants and ways of life will gradually disappear. The Fall of Rome !

Mindful Lunatic:
@ Sean: First of all, the reference I am making with the word: THEM... Is all the oppressing MUZLEMS! I hate ALL OF THEM! I have not found ONE good Muzlem yet! NOT ONE! I live in America! I have read the Quran. They hate me even more than I can ever hope to hate them! Yes I said THEM! Guess what Sean... I HATE THEM MORE every day when I look further into their religion! They are here in OUR country and they are nothing shy of a plague on our soil! They HATE US! Yet they are FLOODING our land. Now that makes me wonder WHY! THEY are setting up the pawns from within. PEOPLE LIKE YOU SEAN are too blind and YOU will be LIKE THEM! So, good luck in your blind ignorance! THEY will be sure to kill you quick, I would hope.

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