Sunday, August 14, 2011

Government Budget Cuts....

There is an article on how Pakistan Government officials allowed China to look at the downed chopper again the U. S. requests and instructions NOT TO! Then the article stated that the U. S. is cutting off 1/3 of their funding... OMFG!? REALLY!?

1/3 of their funding? How the hell is that going to hurt them? They have been bleeding us dry since the very early 80's and 1/3 of their current funding is being "cut off"... That is like giving a disobedient child a time out after he killed another classmate for stealing his chocolate milk!

However, I did comment on Yahoo about this... I typed it in Word like always and when I put it into the comment window in Yahoo, it looked FINE! Then I hit the submit button and all my formatting went out the window... Someone pointed out that they would only read my rant if I have it broken up into paragraphs.

That being said...
** Here is the comment broken down into paragraphs for the reading and imagination impaired!**

Funny how the Pakistan Government does as they damn well please. We have been funding them and their country since 1982. Then after 9-11-01, they swore to the U.S. electoral puppets in Washington that they would do all possible to close down and thwart all terror camps and groups. With that pledge in place, the Government of our once great nation saw fit to fund them even FURTHER!

Simple Math question for any one out there…

                    Q: Where does the “Government” get their funding?
                    A: We the People and OUR Tax Dollars.

That being the case, I don’t see why they can continue to tax me! I do not approve of their funding KNOWN terrorists! I do NOT condone the continued support to another country that houses people that want to se ME, my family and my countrymen and women dead, if not worse!

I want my portion of the tax money that I have paid since 1991. That is when I started paying taxes with an actual job! That is after 1982! That mans that for over 20 years of my gainfully employed life, I have helped fund these cave dwelling firecrackers!

I see how the politicians put on their Sunday Best, then parade around like some form of mating ritual in hopes to out show or out do another candidate! I am sick of it!

Bring OUR Men and Women HOME! Stop letting them come here!

Let OUR service people defend our country on our lands, not theirs! Stop funding them! They are more heavily armed than our forces! The sad thing is that, On December 22 both houses of the U.S. Congress unanimously passed a bill authorizing $725 billion for next year's Defense Department budget.


For those that think that they know that number looks like, here you go:



I am sick and tired of watching the Puppets in Washington D.C. line their pockets with dollar bills that have been stained by the blood of innocent Americans! Sick and Tired! I do not understand how these people even sleep at night!

$725 Billion… Funny, I cannot look at the news over the span of more than a week with out seeing articles of teachers and civil workers losing funding and job cuts… This is just a thought…

We allow the government to spend MORE and MORE on Defense, and less and less here at home. We are pushing the youth of today through our over populated schools at an alarming rates and speed! I have seen kids PUSHED so fast that it is scary! There is a person in my immediate family who was treated exactly as I am talking! He was pushed so fast and so hard, he has a High School Diploma. He cannot read above a 4th grade reading level…

The point I am making is simple! They are making our children more and more stupid! They are not teaching them properly, and then when they hit the “Real World” not too much to offer! There are very few who will excel! The rest will become a blind number and a statistic! There will be a very large majority that will turn to illegitimate means, and guess what… With all the funding cuts to the police and fire stations… Who is going to be there to stop them? No one…

This is the thing that they want! They want a country full of idiots that they can blindly lead! They want to have no questions asked and all the authority to do as they see fit for us!

I hope at least one person sees the point I am trying to make! Do not follow with out knowing! Question things and look for yourselves! Those puppets will do all they can to keep every one they can under control!

I refuse to fall in line! I refuse to be a statistic!

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