Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Education today... Is Worthless!

There is a teacher who was complaining on her personal blog about how the kids were lazy and dim witted. Now, I do NOT condone her actions in these expressions, however she does have the right to say these things! The kids today are getting more and more dumb! The schools are getting to be so useless and it is just all around pointless! I felt the need to drop some thoughts on the matter... 

I have to say that I am AMAZED at the overwhelming response i have gotten! Just 15 minutes after having posted my comment I have 8+ and 0-... That never happens! I usually piss off someone! LOL!

The comment that was posted is as follows:

The problem with todays education is that there is NO discipline! None! When I went to school, if we acted out we were punished and that usually resulted in swats form the Principal, and then I got it again when I got home! Parents do NOT discipline at home and they have taken that ability away from the Teachers and faculty!

The students run the schools and the parents see the Public Schools as an almost free babysitter! There are kids today pushed through the system so fast and systematically that they get a High School Diploma for just showing up!

I have a sibling who has a High School diploma, he is illiterate! He cannot read above a 4th grade reading level. I dropped out, got a G.E.D. and I have a a college education and I am working as an IT Tech for a Airline.

It is proven fact, it is more difficult to get a G.E.D. than it is a diploma! You take the test for the G.E.D. and you need to know the answers! Like i said previously, to get the Diploma... Just show up...

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