Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A bullet, the CHEAPER alternative...

The Yahoo Article Reads:

An autopsy shows a 4-year-old North Carolina boy had alcohol in his system when he was beaten to death in April.

Trenton Michael Scott had a blood alcohol content of 0.12 percent, well above the legal limit for driving.
Dr. Patrick Lantz tells the Asheville Citizen-Times that he believes Trent ingested the alcohol, though one toxicologist says its possible bacteria in his body fermented.

The autopsy found Trent died from a laceration to his liver caused by blunt force trauma to the abdomen and chest. He also had broken ribs and teeth, a fractured skull and bite marks on his back and chest.

Police have charged 24-year-old William Godfrey Hedden, who lived with Trent's mother in a mobile home in Candler. His attorney declined to comment to The Associated Press.

The Lunatic has chewed thru the straps! (Nom, nom, nom!)

"His attorney declined to comment to The Associated Press."

This is the last sentence of this article... WHY is this monster given an attorney? How many more pathetic, degenerate, sick, sociopathic, monstrous pieces of garbage are we going to house and or let walk free due to our overcrowded prisons?

Look at that Casey Anthony chick! She murders her little girl, waits over a month and then reports a 2yr old missing? She not only got away with it, but now is making MORE money than I will ever see in my life, working 60+ hours a week, I might add.

Cost and income being said here is a fun fact for you to ponder! The average cost PER criminal PER year is over $23K... There are almost 2.2 million inmates across the U.S.! The kicker is an estimated 400,000 of that 2.2 million are illegal immigrants! They get to live in America that county gets to count them as a population on their census, and then they not only get 3 squares a day, but health care that I am not entitled to… Nice…

Here is a thought... Those who are on death row and using appeal after appeal, and so on... No! You get 1 appeal. After that, night-night! I agree that there are some that are falsely accused, however I am talking about 3+ witnesses saw them do it? Why waste the time, money and aggravation of gathering a jury to try this person!?

What this man is being held for allegedly doing, is BEYOND sick! The ferocity of the attack that this child endured, this was a hateful and VERY personal, and a direct attempt at retribution! Whether it was planned or spontaneous, this act was heinous and just off the charts! This man should suffer the same fate! I hope he gets thrown into general population when he is convicted... I am sure that he will be abused as he is poked, prodded, and passed around like a rag doll!

A 4yr old boy? This man had 20 years on that child. This man according to this newest article may have even tipped the charts more in his favor by intoxicating the boy first. So, 20 years, size, strength, and an assumed knowledge of general anatomy was not enough of an edge for this monster! He had to liquor the kid up… Wow… Big man! Again, I will repeat, he is about to find out what a BIG man is… Many times over…

There is not one thing that child could have done to warrant that kind of an attack or abuse!


My heart and sympathy goes out to the family of this child! May he rest in peace!

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