Friday, August 19, 2011

Bible Beaters UNITE... Somewhere else!

Today there was an article... About the 3 men accused of killing three 8 year cub scouts. There has been a lot of publicity over this all day! Interesting... 

I felt the need to get my 2 cents in there and try to be a bit funny! Notice that NO ONE mentions how I wish the families of the boys well, and that I show remorse to them! I could NOT imagine losing a child to anyone! These families have suffered and I offer them my thoughts and tell them that I am sorry... NOT ONE comment about that. 

However, the "Cyber Bully, and Mob Mentality" came out in FULL force... Please read the comment I left and that of others... 

OK, I was pasting all the comments in here... In my teachings in public school, I was taught that to feel remorse is to accept the fact that you feel bad for something or for someone else. I truly feel sorry for the families of these kids! I again state that being a father of 3 children, I cannot imagine the pain and torture it would be to watch one of my children be laid to rest. 

I will say one last thing before I post this... I was in 10th grade and I was in a High School where English had actual concentrations. The first semester I was in Journalism class. I had just lost my Grandmother and that was not a happy time. I was in class about a week after the funeral and the assignment given was to interview someone in a profession we had interest in. 

I took full advantage of this! I went to a fellow student athlete who's Dad, Uncles, and Grandfather ran a local funeral home chain. I asked him if he could talk to them and see if I could interview any of them. I got to interview the owner, his Grandfather. I had a slew of questions and I remember 2 of them...

1. Sir, you make a living from death of others, death for most is the hardest part of life. Is there a part of your job that actually bothers you? 

Yes! There is. I have seen people of every race, creed, nationality, and age. If some one comes thru and they have had children, grandchildren, and so on. I look at them and hope that they had a good life. They had their chance and I hope they did well! When I see someone come to the parlor that has not hit 40, it rips me apart! I have caught myself crying at the mere sight! (At this point he was noticeably shaken, and begun to tear up.) Now in the rare even that I have to tend to a child, I cannot do it all like an older person, it is too difficult to accept that this person did not get a chance to do anything! They did not see ANYTHING!

2. Sir, do you believe in Heaven? 

I will not divulge what I believe personally. I like to think that people go where they believed that they would go in the after life. I am here to help give the families closure. Bye the time that I get to see them, they are where they were going.

Now, back to the discussion... Granted it has been almost 20 years since that interview. I remember those 2 questions VERY clearly and distinctively! Anyone that wants to store and follow a different path or opinion... You are right to do so! 


** The Chapel within the Asylum is Open for Business **

Mindful Lunatic:
Regardless of guilt or innocence there are 3 young children that were shoveled from the mortal coil! To their families I am truly remorseful and my thoughts go out to them!

However, reading the comments from other users, they are in a lot of cases doing exactly what they are NOT supposed to do being that they themselves are human! These people are casting judgment and ill will at another person! Not one person on Earth has the right to spiritually judge another...

I see a lot of comments talking about Jesus this and Jesus that... I am left asking: If Jesus is coming, does that mean I should look busy? I have not found Jesus yet... Simply due to the fact that I was not informed that I was supposed to look for him!

He is a very difficult person to find! Did you know he has been the Hide and Seek champion for 2K years?

'shuffled off this mortal coil'

Marty Marsh:
Your wrong, he is easy to find, when you really need him.

Thank you, Philip. And "remorse" is an expression of PERSONAL guilt. Did you do it, Lunatic?

Read the next verse, Lunatic. "For in the way you judge, you will be judged; and by your standard of measure, it will be measured to you." Matthew 7:2

The only exhortation there was to mindful of our own hypocrisy. Seeing as how I've never murdered anyone....
J. :
To the Mindful Lunatic: Yes, I have found him. But there's a catch:
"You will find me when you seek me WITH ALL YOUR HEART"...

That last part gets people. THEY want to be the LORD/MASTER of their own lives.

Jesus bids us "come and die... that you may find life in me."

The simple truth is, people want control of their own lives. And you, and everyone, are free to have it.

However, you get to live with the consequences of your choice.

Most live in denial.

Let me ask, "Can you see tomorrow? Did you determine where you would be born? Do you know on what day you will die?"

It takes humility to follow Christ. Most people just can't /won't humble themselves.

Sure, there are LOTS of hypocrites out there... that makes me so sad...

But what are you going to say, "Look God! I didn't follow you because THAT PERSON over there is such a hypocrite!!!" ????

That does not excuse us. If you REALLY want to KNOW if Jesus is there,

why not read what HE said and try it??

Just askin'

I hope you are sincere in your search.

YOU are remorseful, only if YOU did you get that??

Mindful Lunatic:
I have been reading these comments through out the night. I have to admit that yet again my public school education has failed me! I do not know why I said remorse, I should have used another term or phrase entirely! I should have said something more along the lines of how the families of the 3 young victims have my deepest SYMPATHIES! Not one of the comments left actually acknowledge that I was showing signs of compassion to the families that have lost. Not one... Yet I misuse a word and I got people 6ft in my kool-aid!? How is that right? You want to get on me about my improper use of a word? OK, why do we tolerate urban area people? I cannot find too many if any one in an urban setting REGARDLESS of color that speaks intelligently! I remember when they tried to pass Ebonics as a language to be taught... It is looking as though the government rejected the schools to teach it, but that is the only lesson being taught at home!

Mindful Lunatic:
@ all the Self Righteous Holy-Rolling Butt-Puppets!

Yahoo User: J. YOU are NOT in that category!

I am entitled to MY opinion! GET IT!? GOOD! I have suffered more SHlT than any of you could EVER imagine or understand! So, IF I go and make a couple of jokes? Piss off if you do NOT like it! NO ONE held a gun to your fucking heads and made you read my comment! OK!?

I was young and I went to Church 2 and sometimes 3 times a week. I went to Summer Bible schools and Camps as much as I could. I have searched and I used to pray harder and more true than ANY of you judgmental pricks can event comprehend!

When I was being abused by my Parent's Partners... I prayed for an exit... I did not get one! I begged for HELP! I GOT NONE! Then as I got older and the beatings got increasingly worse and severe... I begged while I prayed that I would be accepted home... I cried myself to sleep MANY nights asking to die! When you are 11 years old and you ask God to take your life? Something is totally BOTCHED!

Now, I have a question for you bible beating blind sheep! Your God, he made man in his image, yes?

If that is TRUE, why do CHILDREN suffer? WHY do adults maim, rape, murder if not do worse things to CHILDREN!? I will tell you the answer... God in his "Infinite Wisdom" gave MANKIND free will. We choose to accept him or his ways. What I may joke about outwardly may very well be different than what I believe!

ALL YOU people flocking to your places of worship on Sundays getting your holy on? You go, You sing and give whatever you feel you have left over... Me? My thoughts, my relationship and ultimately MY ACCEPTANCE OR LACK OF GOD is not you problem! GET OVER YOURSELVES!

In closing please give your fists and the bibles a break. NONE of you will EVER burn for me, NONE of you will ever know me. NOT ONE among you will EVER take the time to give a rat’s backside about me in real life. All you know is that I made some off color jokes about a book and deity that may or may not exist. Know this as well… Your faith that you spend so much energy on is based on SOMEONE ELSE’s interpretation of a DEAD LANGUAGE!

If you think that I am going to let any of you sit there and pass any form or sort of crappy judgment on me? Look in the mirror and ask who REALLY needs to be judged!  

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