Monday, August 22, 2011

A 3rd World Country in Turmoil? How can you Tell?

I have been watching the Libya situation unfold. I have been screaming about my discontent for a VERY long time! These people danced in the streets at the news of the dead Americans from 9-11-01. I guess I am one of the few who remember that day. 
These people are the VERY same people who rejoice in OUR misery! These mongrels are the same groups that danced on the burning flags of the American people. These monstrous pieces of garbage scream about how we do not belong there! THEY ARE RIGHT!

Now, they have taken on the task of overthrowing a political party and leader that they could not on their own. Who did they call? NOT the Ghostbusters! They called the U.N. and the U.S.! 

Forgive me if i am wrong... You spit in my face, you burn my flag, you rejoice at the death of thousands of INNOCENT men, women and children... Now you need our help, we are your best friends? 

Go yank on a camel!

Below, you see a link to the actual article that my comment is in reference to. I have provided the link and I will update this as often as possible with any and all feedback given!

Yay, the rebels are winning...

Now, shall we start a countdown till these people carry out another terrorist plot against the U.S.? We helped the Afghan army way back when. Our Government TRAINED the Afghan Army. Guess who was among them, none other than bin Laden... Now, look what happened. He cost us trillions of dollars!

Whether you believe the media and it was his masterminding or you believe the conspiracy theories and buy into the thought that it was an inside job. Whatever you you want to believe, you are entitled to your opinion.

What I believe is simple! History repeats itself! Always has, and most likely will! This is just the staging of yet another if not more devastating attack. This time, I fear that the body count and disruption would be a lot worse! These people will stop at nothing! They see the U.S. and all other NON-Muzlems as the enemy. We need to get realistic and wake up now before they sound the alarms too late and we are left trying to shield our eyes from the flash and hold our breath long enough not to breathe in the mushroom cloud...

Please do something for yourselves! Educate yourself on what these people are doing, look at their history! You will be appalled! They are doing exactly as they are taught and instructed! They are infiltrating the enemy and deceiving the enemy only to strike us down from within. When the poop hits the fan, don't say I did not warn you!

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