Thursday, July 14, 2011

Wow, Somebody has the Munchies!

There was an article that the Mexican Patrols found a Marijuana Farm that was over 300+ acres! Holy Smokes! That is a lot of money gone up in flames! A LOT! Think about all the glaucoma patients, the postal twine, the uses are endless, however it is all gone! Well, for anyone down wind, I TRULY feel sorry for your local convenient stores, and local grocery stores! 

You know how many of those places are gonna be out of stock on all sorts of munchies!? 

I am NOT one that condones drug use of any kind! I grew up surrounded by those who used, practiced and experimented with them. Then in college, I had a couple pot-head room mates who thought that they were chemists... It amazes me to this day how I got out of there alive without a scratch! 

One day I went to get ready for work and there was a 55 gallon drum in our bathtub. I was a bit curious! I asked the more responsible one: What the hell dude!? He turned out to be just as baffled! Then we asked room mate #3... Dude, WTF!? His reply to this day does not seem any easier to understand or grasp, he said he was making a batch of liquid acid that was to be so potent 1 tab of his mix would equal 6 tabs of another type... 

I do NOT understand drug users! I have been to a LOT of concerts and the bands I like are unfortunately for me notorious for activities such as that! I remember before moving to Arkansas, I went to a Mushroomhead concert, there was a girl dressed as a dead Nun in the mens room doing lines off the toilet seat in the only stall that I thought was not occupied...

I have tried for years and countless hours trying to understand people! I have wasted most of my life trying to understand WHY people are so... well... STUPID! A person is smart! People are dumb! 

Oh well, I digress! The article was pretty interesting! However the comments left are soon to follow!

The Mindful Lunatic:
I do NOT condone drugs! I do not and have not every used any! However, I do kind of wonder WHY the Government does NOT take a lesson from European countries... The GOVERNMENT regulates narcotics! The drugs are given to people a lot like our medical system. You go to the Dr. you get your script and then you get your fix.... Well, there is a LOT of money to be had in that and WHY the Government has not decided to rape, pillage, and plunder that avenue as of yet, is totally beyond me! They are the most crooked idiots out there, you would think that if THERE WAS a way to make money in any fashion be legal or not, they would be on it like a fat kid on a cupcake! Just a thought!

They do make money off drugs. It's called the for-profit prison system.

The Mindful Lunatic:
@ Shumpy: I have to admit that you DO have a good point! Well, if they are alllowing illegal acts within the confines of a prison, why not take it another step further? Tax the prisoners for their sex! I mean, if the guys are going to get friendly with each other and a lot of that is not warranted or wanted, why not at least compensate them and tax it!? I have been very fortunate, I have kept a clean record and I have never been and hope to avoid incarceration! One thing that I can imagine is, that sex in prison is a lot like that of a teenager these days... The sex you want, you ain't gettin! The sex you gettin, YOU DON'T WANT!

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