Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Who Does He Turn to Now?

There was a birthday party for an 11 year old boy… From what I have read, Mom and Dad were having marital issues… Dad busted into the skating rink where the party was, shot Mom and 4 of her family members  before taking his own life…

This is frighteningly tragic! The horror that this child has been forced to witness and then factoring in that he lost both of his parents ON his birthday! When we are hurt, lost, or confused we are supposed to turn to one of if not both of our parents. What happens when one of or both of are gone and they leave you being hurt, lost, and confused?

I read this article and I think I actually reached someone… I admit that I was a bit harsh, but… I think I actually breeched someone’s skull! That is all I ever hoped to do! Make someone think! I have documented proof that I have done that VERY thing!

This is how it went down… The Lunatic spoke, Roger listened!
The Lunatic is VERY happy!

Don't know the details, but I bet he was overloaded with child support.

The Mindful Lunatic:
This comment is directed at Roger!

Wow... You are truly ignorant! This kid lost both parents! One day of a celebration having a birthday party and Dad kills Mom and then himself and YOU are cracking jokes about child support! You really need to have your head surgically removed from you backside! 

As far as the child support issue goes, I will bet that is not something that YOU will ever need to worry about! I would lay money out that you do not have kids! That being said if I am right! PLEASE keep it that way! The world has enough stupidity running around! 

I am truly hurt that any human being can try to make fun of this article! This kid is with out both parents now and you think that it is funny to talk about a monetary issue that may have caused this to transpire!? My heart and feelings go out this this little guy! I hope that he finds the strength to move on and passed this ordeal!

You are correct, please accept my apology .

The Mindful Lunatic:
Roger, I am NOT trying to be a nerd rager... Not at all man! I read the news everyday and I try to find some meaning or some form of sense to what the hell is going on and I have figured out one thing beyond all else... We are pushing ourselves to oblivion at warp speed!

However, to your reply... I appreciate your response! I do! And I am sorry for hitting hard man, just I have been thru a divorce, and I have kids,,, I could not imagine what that kid is going thru! Watching both parents die... There is nothing to be said... Thank you for the reply! Have a good day!

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