Friday, July 1, 2011

I Can Feel THEM Staring at Me....

The title you see above is nothing more than a joke... I hate people and yet they are my favorite things to talk about... Maybe I am more insane than I like to admit... Oh well, on with the Rants!

I admit that I am NOT a scholar, I am happy to admit that I am NOT a politician! I am even happier to say that I have done ALL I can to remain untainted by the corruption within the system...

I comment on a lot of articles on Yahoo! news, whether it be that of politics, religion, or just plain stupid stuff... I am finding that the overall state of courtesy has flown the coupe! The people that read the news nowadays are more comfortable being in their confined walls of ignorance.

I wrote several comments yesterday and I had a lot of feedback. Mostly negative. There were several people that attacked me due to alleged ignorance and paranoia...

Here is a thought for all those assholes! I am paranoid! I am someone who goes AGAINST the grain! I refuse to fall in line with any mass! I am HUMAN! I am entitled to my OWN thoughts and ways of thinking! Living in the U.S. I thought I was entitled to my own opinions and I was under the impression that I was allowed to exercise my freedom of speech and expression!

If some crusty old tard can dupe millions of people that it is the end of the world and they in turn give him MILLIONS upon millions of dollars. Then after his prediction is proven false, he has refused to return ONE SINGLE cent to those he lied to and fooled. That is OK? Really?

Then I made a prediction prior to his predicted date for the "end of days"... I made a comment on how this man's false allegations were going to have REAL consequences! People again said I was paranoid... Again, I have to say my paranoia proved to be TRUE!

The day that was to be the end of all days was on a Saturday. Nothing catastrophic happened to most of us... However there was a man in the far east, I think Japan? He jumped off of a building and killed himself. A mother of two daughters, 11 and 14... She laid her daughters on their beds and slit their throats with a box cutter! The girls lived, the mother did not.

Now, my predictions may be seen as though they are pretty far out there... I understand that! However, my paranoia RARELY is found to be false. RARELY! Yes there are times I am proven wrong, I have to say that when that happens I am not angry, or fall into a tailspin of denial, I am relieved to see that my fears were not justified! However, that sort of thing does not happen too often!

To the ignorant pieces of shit on Yahoo, you ignorant self righteous douche bags throw insults at me and accuse me of being insane, retarded, delusional, and many other things that are not even remotely necessary... You can sit there and watch the world unfold... You will realize that your blatant ignorance and the illusions of YOU being in control will soon be at an end! The people that accuse me of trolling, or spreading propaganda are too busy living in a dream state of which the people in power have cast you into all in the hopes and purpose to keep you beneath them and to keep you under their thumb.

ANY OF YOU want to throw insults and then pick and choose snippets of my words to insult me? If you are SO fucking worried about my lack of knowledge over a phrase, and how I misused a certain phrase? Seriously you have your OWN issues that you are running from and you are trying to do nothing but ensure that no one focuses on YOU! ANY OF YOU want to confront me? Say something! I will be sure to give you the opportunity to prove me wrong!

I will repeat my opening statement... I am NOT a scholar, I am NOT a politician... In addition to that, I am NOT an English major, I attended public schools and therefore, I have not been granted the silver spoon shoved down my throat to know the ins and outs of every single metaphor! Nonetheless, I think I do quite well expressing my ideas and points of view. Anyone that thinks different, you are entitled to your opinion as I am to mine. So, if you think that I am crazy, or delusional, or just flat out fucking stupid... Good for you! Know this, when shit hits the fan in the near future... I will be one of the first to go. I strive to make people think for themselves. I challenge people to step out of the lines that the system has forced you to follow... I  want nothing more than to ask someone to question things... That is all!

Apparently that also comes with the ridicule and ostracizing by the majority... That being so... I will stand here and watch as the individual is systematically processed and then molded into the statistic that they want you to be... I will again be standing here, alone but laughing at all of you...

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