Saturday, July 2, 2011

The U.S. is too stubborn or just TOO stupid!

The thing I find TRULY amazing... The Puppets on Capital Hill find it mandatory to make you register to get your Driver's License. To go Fishing you need a permit. To go Hunting, yup again! To add on to YOUR house, you need to clear it! There is not too much of ANYTHING that you can do aside from breath and use the bathroom that does not require some form of Big Brother nodding his head... 

Here is a question! WHY, oh why has it not been mandated that you need a license to reproduce? 

I have lived a lot of places, and I have seen things that have made grown men cry! Just because you have the ability does not make you entitled or give you the right to do so! Too many kids are born to those who have no right, care or ability to provide for them. Too many kids are neglected and cast aside everyday due to ignorance and stupidity! My wife and I are expecting our 2nd child. I am very excited and yet scared out of my mind! Unlike some people I know and have seen, I am terrified I will not be good enough for my family! I am beside myself in fear as to what I can do to make more money with out losing my mind and precious time with my family!

This country is so far beyond help, I am waiting for the day when the system just collapses and eats itself. I am to the point that I am hoping to see it! 

Life is no Nintendo game, there is no reset... Too bad!

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