Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Stereotypes are Based on Truth...

I want to start this ran off with a bit of insight...

I attended the funeral of a very wealthy man a while back. As people were talking amongst themselves, I found myself talking to his accountant of all people. I politely asked him about this man’s finances. I simply asked this accountant, how much of his wealth did this man take with him. The accountant simply said: None of it…

On to the Rant... I was getting ready for my day and getting my head into "Work Mode". While doing so, I noticed an article about some basketball player who has some sort of truck that is all the rage of the web right now. Not too often do I jump on the bandwagon, why should this one be any different? 

This Joe Johnson guy, from what I can tell he is a Guard for the Atlanta Hawks... OK, whatever... Then the article says that this truck cost up to if not over 1/4 million dollars... $250,000! In my opinion he should be slapped about 250,000 times! That is purely my opinion! 

Here is the picture of the eye gouging clunker:

As per the Federal Regulations:
I am now required to inform you that Lunacy may be Contagious!
I posted a couple of comments. My initial thought, and then I read comments from other users and felt compelled to write another thought...

First comment:

This is yet another prime example as to why and how these "Stars" end up broke! They grow up in most in a modest to lower income bracket and then they get "Ghetto Rich"! Then their fame and fortune goes to their heads and they cannot afford all the toys that they feel that they need! 

It is his money! It is HIS choice to buy that gaudy eyesore of a behemoth! It is as if he may as well drive down the road screaming over a loud speaker: LOOK AT ME! 

I do not understand the need for attention! I do not know what causes these people to feel as tho they NEED to be in the spotlight on and off the stages! Grow up, and realize that life is more than what you toys and crap you can buy! This article makes me wonder how long till he is another statistic that his the bankruptcy line within a short time after retirement!

Then I read a number of other comments from random users... I got REALLY irritated with all the stupidity and all the ignorant, ebonic typing, blatant welfare abusing idiots that were praising him, calling him a Pimp, asking "How many Ho's you be Pickin' up in Dat tang?" (No, I am not kidding!)

I wrote another comment:

Another thing I want to say is that all these people screaming how comments on this are racist? REALLY!? Here is a thought for all the whining crybabies that pull that Race Card ALL too often!

ENOUGH! It is tired, Old, and WAY TO worn out!

If a white guy does something stupid, people are all over it just as bad! Just seems that athlete's of other races find it more necessary to show off, or sport their "Bling"!

Look at Kanye West or whatever his name is... He pulled his bottom teeth and replaced them with diamonds... WHY!? It would go to show that certain people have too much money and too little brains! This is another example of that VERY thing!

As far as one user commenting on how Jay Leno has 50+ cars... That is also STUPID! The man can only drive 1 at a time! I can understand someone having 2 or 3 cars... That being for a family... But when 1 person has 50 Cars? What is the point in that? NONE! That is nothing more than showboating! That is blatant ignorance!

Think of how much those cars cost! Think of all the good that these so called athletes could do for those in need with all the countless dollars that they waste on stupidity! It is disgusting in my opinion!  

I was treated to some replies! I am still laughing at them!

Is the need for attention the reason why you commented? Otherwise you would not have given a flip about what that grown man spent his money on.I do have to agree that it is the ugliest thing I have ever seen.I'm a Chevy man.

mind yo own business you pour piece of @#$%..

The Mindful Lunatic
Wow, ignorance is running wild today! Jay Jay, you do not even know how to spell poor for the CORRECT use? Really? I will bet anything you are one of the morons that watch that stupid sport! I will bet even more that you are another "Statistic" that I mentioned previously... You probably spend your welfare checks on government cheese, red-drink, and pork rinds. All the while you try to swindle others out of whatever you can to get your self some more bling! Am I wrong? I doubt it!

The Mindful Lunatic
To Kwjuan... I have to laugh at your reply... I like to get my comments in here and there... Is it for attention? No, not really! However when I see articles that are based on people being stupid, I feel compelled to get my point in as well! So, just like you saying you are a Chevy man, that is an opinion... I am just as entitled to MY thoughts and I have the right to voice my opinion just as much as anyone else here!

@The Mindful Lunatic: I agree with you, 100%...with one exception. Jay Leno, has been a COLLECTOR, for some time. You will as well note, that, most of his "50 + cars" are unique and some are antique. And, yes. You can only drive one. He does not "drive" these cars, which is what makes it a collection.....but the rest? ABSOFUKINLUTELY!

The Mindful Lunatic
CL: THANK YOU! I understand people are collectors! I do! When I was younger, I used to go to car shows and I wanted to build a T-Bucket SO BAD! However, I have a family and we have needs that must be met. Jay Leno has the money to drop on these cars, collector or not I am still of the mindset that that money could be used to better means, but... HE made HIS money and is doing as HE sees fit! There is another famous car collector who I have admired most of my life... David Gilmore... For those who do not know the name, he is the more well known vocalist for Pink Floyd. His garage is a museum. Again, not something I agree with but... Not my say, not my money, not my problem!

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