Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Screw Waldo! Where's Osama!?

I am in my mid 30's, I hate to admit that however I find acceptance of age is to embrace the wisdom I hope to obtain. Well, something like that...

I read an article on the allegedly key player in the capture, and assassination of the world's most hated and wanted man... Yahoo had a huge write up on this man who the called: John in hopes of protecting his identity... They were talking about how he is so good at sniffing out what most overlook.

My problem is NOT with John, I truly would love to thank this man personally for his role in that operation! However, I find it difficult to swallow that with ALL the intelligence that the Government has on EVERYONE that they spent over 1 trillion dollars finding this man.

How hard could it possibly be to track down and FIND a 6ft 6in Muslim on dialysis? Being that he was hold up in a FORTIFIED bunker, and dialysis requires constant attention, you think that SOMEONE would have found him within 10 years! I think that my comment that was left on Yahoo says a god bit to be honest!

...Let the Lunacy Begin...

The really funny thing is, the Pakistani government KNEW he was there! They KNEW HE WAS! The also KNOW that they were collecting billions of U.S. dollars every year to help fight and close down terror camps! You expect me to believe that the most wanted man in the World was in a fortified bunker, and NO ONE knew? Really? Sorry! That is shoving 10lbs. of crap into a 5lbs bag in my honest opinion! This decade long man hunt for that thing... I have many other choice words to describe bin Laden, however none of which would get past the filters for this comment! Then a few weeks ago, there was an article on how the U.S. is having to kiss butt to patch things up in Pakistan? WHY!? There is nothing of value there to the U.S.!!! NOTHING! Well, let me rephrase, nothing of interest to us according to the info on every government website including the info on the CIA's website that is available to we the people... We need to get the hell out of there and CUT OFF funding to the Muslim Terrorists!

Not all Muslims are Terrorists, however it seems that all terrorists these days ARE MUSLIM! So, you find me one that I should welcome with open arms... You can't and I won't!

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