Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Scam, Scam, Everywhere a Scam…

8774972280 ** 1-877-497-2280 

1-877-497-2280 = Imperial Debt Recovery...
That is what they call themselves when they call me...  

No, I am not trying to write a song for Tesla! I am merely trying to help OTHERS avoid the problems and harassment  that I have tolerated for almost 20 months now... 

When I applied and was rejected for private insurance last year, I had to give my personal information to Anthem. I was denied due to several factors. Regardless of acceptance or denial, I was rejected by Anthem, but these crooks, and thieves jumped on me like a fat kid on a cupcake! Trust me, I am one and I resemble that remark!

Come to find out, there was a problem where Anthem’s servers were hacked and I was and currently am the victim of Identity Theft. NICE! Funny how they want to rack up more money on me… WHY won’t someone steal an identity and PAY that person's bills? That would be nice!

Anywho… There has been this “Debt Agency” after me since early last year! I finally had enough of this! Yesterday I stood up to them! I told them about 2 months ago, IF I OWE YOU anything, send me a bill! I want a paper bill of the debt!

Their replies were as follows: “We sent you one!” then it turned into “What is your email address?” Oh, and please let’s not forget my FAVORITE one! OMG! : “Due to the age of the debt, we no longer have to prove the debt!”

For anyone reading this… IF YOU OWE someone money! Or they are suing you for any amount of money, you have rights in America! For now that is… Moving on… I told them that if I owe money I want to know who they are collecting it for. They said that they purchased my debt from another organization. I asked again and repeatedly: WHO!? They refused and failed to answer!

So, I was a little irritated the one day and I posed their standing to them! I told this guy something very simple and he did NOT like it!

“So, let me understand this?! I owe you money? How much? Oh, never mind you won’t tell me that either… So, here is my thinking… I allegedly owe you, whatever it is you are trying to collect! What about the $20,000 I lent you 11 years ago? I want that NOW! Or you can pay of what I owe your company and we can call it even!”

He got noticeably agitated! Then he fired back at me! “I do not know you! I did not know you 11 years ago and furthermore, I do NOT owe you $20K!”

I happily replied and told him: “Yes you do! However the debt is so old that I no longer have to prove it! Get bent and stop calling me!”

Then yesterday is when the preverbal poop hit the fan! I was very tired yesterday and not feeling well! They called and I answered. They told me again about how my file was forwarded to their offices and that I was being given ONE MORE chance to rectify before being sent to litigation!

I told him to go ahead and send it to litigation! I told him that I am NOT paying anything till I get a written statement in the mail with the amount that I owe, to who I owe it to. Then he got huffy and started saying how he is my last chance at getting this resolved…

I then thought back to last week… I got this notification from Anthem that my information may or may not have been compromised in the attack on their server… I am guessing IT WAS!

I looked at my caller ID. I got the # that has been harassing me… For anyone else out there that is getting these kind of calls…  The number that these crooks are calling me from is:  


I looked it up in Google… in 0.10 seconds I had results… A lot of them! I saw that EVERY single post and everything that was mentioning that number was scam or fraud alerts…

I called the number back 3 times… 3 times a guy answered. 3 times I heard the SAME VOICE! 3 times I heard the same voice with 3 different names…

          Mr. White         (Reservoir Dogs)
          Mr. Anderson     (The Matrix)
          Mr. Graves        (Clerks 1 or 2)

This guy is an avid movie watcher I am guessing! But then I finally told him: “Stop calling me! Your harassment is illegal and I will pursue this if necessary! I will not tolerate your scams any longer!”

That is when he REALLY came out swinging! “SCAMS!? What the hell are you talking about SCAM!?”

That is when I told him that I found that info on Google… He then told me: “The postings on Google are nothing but low life pieces of scum like yourself trying to get out of debt for free!”

I replied and told him: “Dude, I know you are full of it! You are doing ILLEGAL things! I am NOT going to tolerate it! FUCK YOU!”

I hung up… I got a return call within seconds and the voice on my message was synthesized! It was a totally different voice but the sentence structure and the tone were identical to the last 3 names and same voice I had talked to…

“Hey (my name), you’re a REAL tough guy aren’t you! You’re a real douche bag! No one is going to take you to court! You dead beat piece of shit! This is what I am going to do… I am going to post your social security number on a public forum on Google, so... Yeah! We will see what the people in Africa do with your number! They will rack up every point they can on all the porn and gambling sites known to man! Yeah, that is what I am going to do! Good luck!”

I have the voice mail saved to my phone, to my computer, and to 2 different disks…  So, here is the thing… I have called my phone carrier, I called the social security people, I called the FTC, and I called the local police and FBI. This harassment is ILLEGAL and I will be seeking retribution for it!

To the morons pulling this crap...
I know who you are… 
I know WHERE you are… 

I'll be talking to you SOON!
You wanna play? I can too...

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