Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Outsourcing American Jobs, now Political Offices too?

This Posting was originally posted on June 30th, 2011. I pulled it from another area of my blog... Seeing how this particular page gets the most traffic, I decided to move here in hopes of better exposure...

There is an article on Yahoo about how the Birthers are suing for $100 million due to a magazine article that pushed for their books to be pulled from the shelves... I think it is funny personally! Here is a pic of the billboard that they are using to promote the cause.

My comment is sure to get some replies! I just posted it about 10 minutes ago and I have: 2 thumbs up and 7 down... Then I have a lot of Nerd Rages calling me various names and telling me that I am delusional... Funny that they think I am the one that is ignorant...

The Lunatic says, WHAT!?

I do NOT support or like Nobama... However he got in to office and is currently raping our country for every cent he can get to his Muslim brothers. When all the Muslims that are here do decide to band together and rise up against us infidels, all I will say is I refuse to fall in line with any of them. United we used to stand. Divided we will fall, just like how we currently stand. This country once stood for something. Now, people are too concerned with their own agendas to worry about those who really need help. That is nothing short of pathetic! God Bless the Almighty Dollar!

Bloody hell, the Lunatic is back...

I went back to my comment and I had 8 replies and then 3 thumbs up and 12 down. So, my comment was hidden due to low rating... I made another comment, as you can read it here...

I find the abundance of ignorance in America today to be quite OVERWHELMING! My last comment was hidden due to low ratings. Funny, I speak my mind which last time I looked I was still allowed to do that. The replies on my comment were made by those who are too happy drinking the government kool-aid and are too ignorant to THINK for themselves! Those people that call me delusional need to open their own eyes as to what is going on here. America is heading so far passed screwed it is not even funny! Nobama is taking OUR country to a point of NO return! No hopes for our future generations, I truly feel sorry not only for my children and future generations but for all the people living so blindly that they rather believe the propaganda force fed to them by those they have put in office... Have fun choking on government cheese as you are systematically lead to the slaughter!

One More Update from the Padded Room:

Checked on this one, and not even 10 minutes and it was already hidden too! So, I felt compelled to write another comment:

To those who like movies... In the movie Men In Black with Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith, there is a scene where Tommy Lee's character named: K tells Will Smith:  "A person is SMART! People are stupid!"

Looking at how my comments are being received today, that theory is REALLY holding true! Another way to look at it is, you can't fix stupid! People are reliably stupid!

I got into a battle of whits with some unarmed opponents!

I agree with these people! I really do! The birth certificate that was released was found to be fraudulent with a lot of Photoshop experts showing how it was manipulated and incorrect! My only question is WHY did We the People elect a Muslin to the White House? Just wondering!

Oh, and to the people leaving me nasty comments and mindless dribble... I will continue to spout off and spread my thoughts! There are others out there that believe the same as I! Far too often in history the few were right while the majority sat back and listened to those in power... There is NOT ONE elected official that knows what truth is! Only the bottom line in their own bank accounts! 

Mindful Lunatic--only half your name is right. The back half.

Keep ringing them bells and firing warning shots Mr. Lunatic Revere.

You sir are what is called an idiot...........crawl back into your hole please

The Mindful Lunatic
You people would rather LIVE in a dream state that they have force on you, rather than take a look at what is happening and see how reality is unfolding! WOW!

tre w
Did you know that even if Obama was muslim, which he isn't, that it's not illegal to elect a muslim to office? Spread your lies on his religon, spread your lies on his eligibility, and spread your lies as long as you want. This country affords you that right. It still doesn't mean you aren't flat out looney, and a waste of our natural resources.

Gary S
If you admit yourself that you are a lunatic then there's no use arguing with you. You have taken your meds today, right?

The Mindful Lunatic
Tre? Well, lies or not... HOW MANY politicians are HONEST!? Hmmm? The Quran says to infiltrate, and deceive your enemies. HOW MANY Christians as he claims to be have Muslim Names? None that I know of…

Obama is a "Muslin"? But not of your KKK bedsheet variety, I presume.

The Mindful Lunatic
KKK, they are a bunch of unorganized, inbred rednecks! I do not claim any affiliation with them! Furthermore, I have no use for any Muslim either... So, I stand alone and anyone who actually takes time to THINK for themselves and wants to hear what I have to say, they are welcome! I have plenty of ammo thanks to the current state of things!

A person's birth name does not determine their religion. This is absurd. My daughter's name is Sara, hebrew for princess. She is not Jewish.

The Mindful Lunatic
Looking at how all the replies left from the sheep getting thumbs down, it would seem as though I am NOT the only one that thinks this way... Now to all you self righteous statistics, you are going to wake up one day and think back to all that I have said and you will actually be faced with realization that YOU were deceived by those who you put in to a position of authority! You will see that what you are calling unintelligible rants and lies, were actually closer to the truth than you will ever outwardly admit!

Sleep tight! The alarm for reality is drawing near!

Are there any physicians around? Mindful really needs your services.

The Mindful Lunatic
I have been evaluated. It also might interest you to know that I work side by side with a very well known government entity. I had to have a background check not only from the police, but to secure my current position, I had to be fingerprinted and researched by the FBI. So, your snide comment about needing a physician is not even close to right! You are insinuating that I need help. OK, that being said I would need the attention of a Psychiatrist and or Psychologist... NOT a physician!

In Closing, I ask: Does anyone else wish to step up? Didn't think so! You people are happy laying there while the people in power dance on your bruised backs. You lay there ignorant, blind, and spoon fed, and you have the audacity to call me crazy, stupid, ignorant and a waste of natural resources? Yeah, OK!

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