Monday, July 11, 2011

Marines Looking For a Date on YouTube....

I will start off by saying that my faith in the American reader is dwindling RAPIDLY!

I wrote a comment on a Yahoo article about a Marine who is stationed in Afghanistan that made a video to ask Mila Kunis to a military function in N.C. later this year. I have to admit, not too often do "Holywood Types" mingle with those of us more common folks... However I am quite taken back at Ms. Kunis' acceptance of this man's offer. I am truly amazed at this! 

MOST and I mean MOST of the postings on that board were TOTALLY derogatory in nature and very verbally abusive towards the Marine! They were blasting him for being a Marine, NOT a Soldier... There
are people bashing him calling him names and making rude comments on how he is not what society would consider: A Beautiful Person... 

People here need to really pull your heads out of your asses and realize that while you are entitled to your opinions, there is still a certain amount of COURTESY and respect that should be administered and upheld! These people are nothing more than stupid, ignorant, self-righteous, moronic, cyber-bully, keyboard jockeys! 

A thought for all of them, to all of THEM! 
GET OVER YOUR SELVES! You are a zit on the ass of life! 

Furthermore, my comment that you are about to read states my opinion as usual, but in it I say my thoughts first then I move to thank HIM and the other service people as well... No one reads that! No one takes time any more to read the entire comment! They take the first 2 or 3 lines and MAYBE a last line to get closure and then THEY fill in the rest, and totally oblivious tot he actual meaning and missing the point being made or attempted... My faith in the human race at one time was abundant... Now, that balloon type fantasy is nothing more than an empty shell that is laying limp, and empty on the floor...

...  The Rants of Thanks Start Here  ...

This man is or at least should be, very well aware that she is most likely going to decline. If he is convinced she will go due to the fact he is asking on YouTube, he really needs to rethink a lot of things! However, regardless of the branch he is serving the U.S. with, why does it matter? I have friends and family that have served in all branches! One branch does not like the other, WOW! It is a lot like sibling rivalry! To ALL men and women who served the country, I thank YOU ALL, I wholeheartedly appreciate your time and sacrifice! However, this guy is having some fun! People in Hell would love a glass of ice water, this man wants a date in the event that he makes it home. However you look at it both of those scenarios have about equal odds in my honest opinion... Those who feel it necessary to continue bashing Soldiers Vs. Marines, and all of that… Grow up! Both are taking risks, BOTH are out there defending our country and rights! Reject your government programming and brainwashing! Drop the hate! Let someone have fun!

I was checking on the ratings I got whether they be + or – and I was treated to no ratings but ONE reply…

Michael said:
The MARINE got his date. So your prediction was wrong as is your summation of people in the military.

I was happy to reply to his idiocy!

Really? My summation is wrong? Well, the people I know in the Army do not like the Navy and or Marines... The people I know in the Marines do NOT like the Air Force or the Navy... So, Michael... PLEASE tell me why you say I am wrong! Please enlighten me as to why you feel it necessary to be a douche! I show nothing but appreciation to those serving in ALL branches and you are bashing me cause YOU think I am wrong? Bite me! You are an idiot! You really are! The MARINE as you said got his date? COOL! Many KUDOS to him! I tip my hat to Ms Kunis as well for making a service man's wish come true! If not for him and others like minded... She would not have the freedoms to have the career she does. Now, if you wanna continue to nerd rage at me? Please, by all means: BRING IT!

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