Friday, July 22, 2011

Holy... CRAP!

I find it SO funny how people see things that resemble someone and then try to use that to get their "15 Minutes"! This article I read on Yahoo talks about a S.C. couple who went to Wal-Mart and 3 days later the image of Christ appears on the receipt! REALLY! OMG! LOL! To be continued!

Top of Form
I did comment as I usually do... I find this sort of thing not only totally stupid, but also redundantly ignorant! There was one woman who found a jelly bean resembling Kate... The girl that married the horse faced looking prince kid? Whatever! Then a number of years ago, a dry cleaner out west saw the image of Elvis in a guys undershirt armpit stain... REALLY!? This one? Christ in a Wal-Mart receipt! Hmm... Well, I will say that YES! Jesus saves! Not only is he shopping at Wally World, but he clips coupons!

I am NOT trying to offend! Seriously! I am merely TRYING to make people think! If I draw a stick figure does it resemble anyone? No! However, if a child draws a stick figure and they say it is of a person that means something to that child... They BELIEVE the resemblance! That child will look at that stick figure every time and tell you: That is DADDY!

This hub-bub over: IT LOOKS LIKE... nothing... Sorry! I have seen pictures of the receipt... Does it look like a picture of a man? Yes. Does it resemble Christ? Maybe... HOWEVER! It is also possible that it is a mind trick! Think about it! If you see a picture like this one that has a form in it and you are TOLD: It looks like Christ... OK? Well, you now have the most well known image and worshiped icon loaded in your mind as to what to compare it to... Guess what...

That being the case, I have a piece of toast that resembles Fozzy from the Muppets! I have a coat that resembles Kermit! Oh no... I just realized I have a mole that resembles... Well, nothing it looks like a mole...

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