Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Government Intelliegence = Oxymoron

The U.S. government has a division or branch that is labeled C.I.A. and as we all know that is the acronym for Central Agency...

From recent reports and the propaganda spoon fed to We the People, I find that their job is to keep tabs on those who may be a threat to us... Again, looking at the documents that are VERY public, they are now looking within OUR own citizens...

I do NOT condemn, nor will I EVER condone sites and people that are affiliated with Wikileaks and things of that nature. However, there are very well known and publicly announced statements that the CIA is looking in at people here in the states. People say that I am paranoid? Really? That would fall into the "NO Shit" category! Anyone that feels I am paranoid can thank the media and the American Government for this!

I refuse to sit idly by while I watch things head down hill at Mach 4 type speeds. I comment on articles and news stories and recently I am being met with A LOT of hostility and even more so with negative feedback, derogatory name calling, and accusations about my mentality.

Just because I see what is unfolding in front of me and I am NOT too scared to call it out, I am the one who is being branded the enemy? Really!? WOW! Ignorance is not only bliss, but it is inherent as well huh? I have to say that I am amazed at the current state of not JUST America... I am blown away at the state of the World as a whole... People killing one another, people revolting against their governments, other governments stepping in to help them... It is beyond sickening and madness!

Last time I checked, America had a Civil War once... Well, depends on what side of the Mason-Dixie Line you are on. North: Civil War, South: War of Norther Aggression... Whatever... When We the people took up arms to figure stuff out, HOW many countries sent over reinforcements? How many other countries funded the one side or the other? How many people in another nations armed forces took up arms to HELP US!?

Why should WE do anything for them? If these so called rebels want to take over and or overthrow the  regime, let them! WHY should I, a U.S. born and raised tax payer be forced to pay for that!? I should not have to! These rebels that are screaming and kicking at the U.N. have not made it clear as to what their purpose is. They have not made it clear as to where they hope to go after this regime has been toppled. So, not only are we going in blindly and being led by the nose by people who we know NOTHING about...

History does repeat itself... This exact thing happened during the Reagan administration and our forces TRAINED bin Laden and his now terrorist group... Nice how that works huh!? Now, here we are training and funding more rebels to defend themselves against an oppressor, and in my honest opinion we are doing NOTHING but making another deposit on more terror attacks aimed at "We the People" here on OUR soil! God, I love this government!

I will NEVER say to revolt, I will NEVER try to facilitate or organize any Anti-Government movement! However, I can see that I am NOT the only one who is sick and tired of being... sick and tired! I have done some research... It is quite staggering when you look at the numbers! In June of 2009, the census counted 307,000.550 people who are in America legally. That is a lot! That is a HUGE number!

Now, you take that and put that against the number of people who are in law enforcement, including ALL agencies and levels of such... The people out number the those of authority by a staggering amount! There are 800,000 men and women that are full time employees of some form of law enforcement. Not a small number either.

Here is where the numbers REALLY hit home... IF We the People were to ever stand together as one, there would be about 3840 citizens to every ONE law enforcement agent. You show me ONE person that would stand their ground against those odds... Not one... Not one person at any level of law enforcement would be willing to take on that size of a crowd. Orders be damned.

With our Fearless Leaders hiding behind fortified walls, and clutching on to their bank accounts and bottom lines using their infinite wisdom to cut funding to schools, and local municipalities only to send it EVERYWHERE else... Who among us is doing well enough to say we need no change? Truth is, that things will have to change our we will see the REALLY ugly side of true Americans...

I know a lot of people that are sick and cannot get medical attention. I am one of them! I am not entitled to ANY form of insurance! I know a lot of people who are losing their homes! I know a lot of people who are living off of bread crumbs so that they can feed their families, at least for now. Our government was to be and I quote: For the People, By the People...

That leaves me asking ONE simple question... WHAT HAPPENED!?

I would love to see the system crumble down upon itself! I would love nothing more than to see the very foundation of the system crack under its own doing. Sadly enough, my wishes may very well come true even within my lifetime. The system is flawed! The system is corrupt! The system has not worked and will never be able to to recover or even do what it was originally intended to do, help "We the People"! All of this is due to one key factor!The system was made, manipulated, and skewed by Greedy Men. The system is so flawed and so corrupt due to man's eternal search and hunger for more power and even MORE authority over others!

You think I am wrong... Do something that the system says you cannot... You will be abruptly corrected if not worse. The system is a means of control! Those who have it, want more! Then those who are being controlled are so blind and comfortable under the proverbial thumbs that people like ME who question the system, that question authority, I am seen as a hieratic! I am cast aside as a madman! I am alienated and ridiculed.People in power keep the blind and weak minded beneath them where they are to remain. Fear keeps people in line. Fear is a great manipulator.

To that end, I have a simple philosophy that I hold very near and dear: Control, is an illusion!

I admit that I am being controlled as well! I know that IF I were to do something against the system, or God forbid I do something against the government that I will be punished to say the least! I fear for my family and I fear losing them more than anything!

I do not fear death, I do fear losing the ability ability to hold my daughters, my wife and my soon to be born son. I fear that if I attempt to change things even for the better, that I too will be punished and all my words that most feel are paranoid delusions, will not only be proven true... but they will be erased and totally forgotten as if they were never muttered...

Those who have power and wealth want more. Those who have not, will not ever get....

Funny how that works, ain't it?

God Bless the Almighty Dollar!

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