Friday, July 8, 2011

Change... Not the Kind That Jingles...

I am not sure of who this rant will reach, in the event that those reading have not heard of the Casey Anthony trial, this woman was accused and acquitted for the death of her daughter... There was a HUGE outcry over this woman being set free... Her daughter Kaylee was found more than a month after she had disappeared. Her mother Casey did not report her child missing for over a month! 

I am totally baffled by this! Kaylee is, no excuse me WAS 2 years old. I do NOT understand WHY or how a parent can go 30+ days with out reporting a 2 year old child missing! I can't fathom it! 

My wife and I have a daughter, she will be 2 inside of this month and we live in a fairly small apartment. Our daughter does have her own room and I swear that if that child is not making noise, or in plain view for more than 5 minutes we are on a munchkin hunt! Which again, HOW in what realm is it OK for a parent to let a 2 year old go missing for 30+ days and not raise any red flags? 

I am NOT trying to make light of this, but there is no way in hell that Kaylee said to herself or Casey: "Forget this Mom, I am packing Barbie, some bottles and heading out!"

Not even remotely possible! This child is no longer with us in the mortal coil... She is never coming back to this life. What bothers me further is that the coroner could not determine a cause of death for Kaylee... I read that article and I also at that time commented on how I find it difficult to believe that there is a Forensics Team that could not determine this child's final moments... 

I know that the shows that are on T.V. are fabricated to an extent, however I know that the real forensics teams that are out there in the field dealing with these types of things every day have the stuff if not more than the shows do... You mean to tell me that this child was taken out of this life and no one knows why or how!? Sorry, but please excuse me while I scream from somewhere very high!

Today on Yahoo I dropped some thought... The article I commented on had a headline of: Do Missing Child Laws need to be changed?

**  Queue the Lunatic  **

The question asked here is: Do Missing Child Laws need to change? YES! THEY DO! The entire system needs to be torn down and rebuilt! The entire judicial system is totally skewed! These murderous monsters get life in prison on our tax dollar or they are set free only to be able to repeat... I understand population control is important, but I think that there are more reasonable ways to attempt it!

I just checked my ratings on my comment... About an hour has gone by and I have 6 thumbs up and 1 down...Not too terrible.

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