Friday, July 22, 2011

And Justice For... The Criminal...

OK, anyone if not everyone in America and the surrounding areas know about this "Monster" that murdered her daughter! She did not report her 2yr old daughter missing for over 30 days! Then when she turned up, guess what... She was not alive... Caylee was taken from this world. The coroner and or medical examiner could not determine the cause of death... WTF!? Get that dude from the Buffy Show, and Bones on that! They will have answers within an HOUR! 

PLEASE do not think that I am being insensitive! NOT in the least! It is just that this whole damn thing has me spinning in circles! This "Monster" has not ONE thing to say that would clear her... Yet, she is out roaming the public, and Caylee is running free looking down on us...

Before I paste my comments I have left on Yahoo today, I will say that I am NOT a spiritual man, nor am I one that claims loyalty to any one religion! However, I cannot in any circumstance think of what ANY child could do that would keep them from reaching a better place! 

On to the Rants... Well, that IS why you are here, right? 

Comment #1:

Mindful Lunatic:
So, in Florida... You can not only murder your offspring and go free, but "We the People" get to pay for it? Really!? Is this just weird to me or am I missing something!?

I am not 100% sure, but she is White! No one is threatening to riot should she have been convicted! OJ,cut off his wife's head and got away with it due to the threat and speculations of the riots that were to follow should he been convicted!

America has MANY freedoms that I have held near and dear since my birth... Now, I am in my 30's and I have to say that if murder is now not only legal, but FREE!? Wow... That opens a lot of doors for fun and wiggle room on new activities!

(After an hour, I checked my ratings... 6+ & 1-)

Hmm... I dropped this pearl of wisdom about an hour ago.. I have to say that I do not understand why someone can justify giving me a thumbs down and not have the guts to defend their rating! There is a 2yr old lil girl who was shoveled loose of the mortal coil and now her mother is walking the streets free, and WE THE PEOPLE get to flip the bill!? Really!? I do not expect everyone to fall in line with my opinion, and or ideas as they do tend to get radical at times, but for the love of all that is! If you want to give me a crappy rating? DEFEND IT!

I am a father of 3. I cannot imagine harming any of my children! If one of my kids does not make noise for a limited amount of time, I am on a hunt to make sure that they are all OK and accounted for! This woman left her 2yr old MISSING for 30 days! This OK with people!? Really!? WOW!

Comment #2:

Mindful Lunatic: 
SHE MURDERED her little girl! SHE DID NOT report a 2yr old missing for almost if not more than 30 days! If she did not kill that lil girl, she was still responsible for her! WHY in the hell am I, just a random American,John Q. Public, tax payer who has NOT killed anyone having to pay for her defense? In what realm is that OK? This country, this lack of judicial system is SERIOUSLY flawed! The victims in these heinous crimes are treated with LESS dignity, and LESS respect than the monsters committing the acts! I can't fathom HOW this is happening! Why do criminals have MORE rights than those who they hurt, if not worse?

(As I was sifting thru the comments left by other users, and this one PISSED ME OFF!)

I love America. I love the U.S. Constitution. I love America's legal system, and system of Justice. And, for those who don't love America, I'm sure that space can be made for you in Cuba, Venezuela, Iran, China, Iran, or Somalia. And I'd like to see our govt. come up with a "One-Way Ticket Program", at the Taxpayers expense, for those of you who would like to leave.

Do you mean today's America, or 30 years ago America? I love the America before Americans became sheep.

Mindful Lunatic
@ Army: I am a BORN and Raised taxpaying American! I HATE the judicial system! I DESPISE the lack of justice the victims ever receive! I HATE the politicians! I LOVE my country! I LOVE my freedoms! I thank EVERY single service person I know and see for their defending of my rights and freedom! I hate the government! I HATE the way our ONCE great nation is heading towards oblivion! Army, you are seriously in need of waking up and smelling the napalm! The Country that you live in, is NOT that of 2011! Nowhere NEAR!

(Final Thoughts for this Article today...)

I went back just a few minutes ago and saw that I had 3 thumbs… ALL 3 were down… WTF!? I felt as though I was being attacked and like any other wild animal caged up and cornered behind the idiocy of others, I felt it not only necessary but required a response!

Mindful Lunatic:
Having read the article again, I am not only even more livid than I was earlier, but thoroughly DISGUSTED! A jury willingly let a murderer, a monster, something not even remotely HUMAN, not only able to get away with murder of a CHILD, then another step further into the taboo… She killed HER OWN child! What the hell is going on!?

Well, I am not only flabbergasted at this outcome and her sociopathic ways, but now I am staggering over the bill that “We the People” are left holding… $125,000.00

I don’t think I will EVER make that amount!

If I go to a 5-Star restaurant, I pig out and order 3 of everything on the menu, and rack up a outrageous bill, then I see all the other people who don’t know me from Adam, and I tell them all thank you for the dinner! And walk out of the restaurant?

NO! That does NOT happen!

I am 300% in favor of capital punishment! This, thing… does not deserve the dignity of a lynch mob! She is BELOW the respect I would consider giving a dying dog!

Any one that thinks I am being too harsh, you are entitled to your own thoughts and opinions… All I know is that if anyone ever touched any of my children, the ripples of my actions would be heard and felt, far and wide!

Children are our gifts… We need to treat them as if they were the most precious substance on Earth… FAR too many people see them as pawns, burdens, meal tickets, or God forbid… Useless…

Well, in the closing of this thought… Caylee, where ever you are, bless you dearly! Know that you are in a far better place! Only God knows what horrors awaited you here! 

Rest in peace!

Mindful Lunatic:
Wow! You people are happy to give a guy bad ratings, but too scared to contest my thoughts! You people are ignorant, stupid, and being blindly led... Good luck in your feeling of superiority! Idiots!

Mindful Lunatic:
I was giving more thought to the last comment I made to the sacs that are giving me thumbs down... Really!? I can't understand your ways of thinking! Please enlighten me as to how I am wrong!? If you are condoning the actions of this mattress stain that is walking loose right now? You are as guilty as she is! You think that she was justified in NOT reporting a 2yr old missing? You think that she was NOT guilty!? Then to you people too scared to reply, get bent! There is NOTHING in this world or any other that a 2yr old could do to warrant being sentenced to death... If ANYONE can come to me with a logical reason that would be acceptable, I am happy to listen! While I sit here and wait, I will enjoy the sounds of pins dropping, and all the crickets...

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