Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Seperation of Religion and Society!

There is a Yahoo! article about this Muslim woman suing a clothing store for wrongful termination. From what I have read, it seems as tho she was hired by the "Store Manager" and that person saw no issues with her refusing to take off her Muslim head gear, or slightly less known as a hijab. Then one day while she was working a higher ranking person that was the regional manager asked her again to remove the religious piece of clothing. She again refused and was suspended and then terminated at a later date. 

So, she is getting her head gear in a knot and suing the company... I made a couple of comments on that article, I could NOT resist! I hate this crap! I am so sick and tired of seeing people so sue happy!

I could go on and on with all of the stupid law suits that are in the news, but the ones I see the most nowadays, Muslims screaming about how they are mistreated, or how they are forbidden to wear their headgear... Oh flipping WHAAA! Seriously! 

If I were to go to a Muslim country, and I DID NOT adapt and quickly... That is only limiting the time I will be able to stay above ground! They would kill me in a heartbeat! They are SO intolerant of ALL others! ALL others... Yet here they are invading America by the plane and boat loads and we again HAVE TO ADAPT TO THEM!? WHAT THE HELL IS THIS!?

I have been doing some research and it is to me appalling at best! In another blog entry I mentioned parts of the Quran... I quoted many chapters from it. So, after having read and repeated what I did, I found it necessary that I educate myself even further. Not only do the Muslim men force female circumcision and mutilation, all in efforts to ensure Muslim women do not receive pleasure during sex. Then what baffled me even more is to find out that the U.S. Government make the soldiers that are stationed in these Muslim territories get accustomed to their "lifestyles", the soldiers are required to take classes to be educated and not be alarmed at their practices... I saw that and I dug deeper... 

Again, I repeat: Muslim women are forbidden to receive pleasure during procreation. They are to serve their male counterparts and they are to remain obedient and be baby factories...

That may be acceptable to even some here in the states, depending on their age and degree of ignorance. However, this is where it takes a real twist... The soldiers I previously mentioned are subjected to learning and must prepare themselves to see Muslim men embracing one another and even showing signs of affection in public by holding hands in the streets. Women are the reproduction facility... Men look to other men for pleasure... Nice... 

I cannot believe that people think that Muslims are so wonderful and peaceful. I really cannot understand how some believe that they are puppies and flowers! Please take time to educate yourself and READ their holy book!

I remember that Terry Jones guy staging that Koran / Quran burning in Florida... I thought that the guy was a blatant MORON! I still do think that he is nothing more than an attention whore, who is the product of cousins and alcohol... That is strictly an opinion though... 

I do have to admit that his movement is what queued my intrigue with studying the Muslim faith. I have heard storied from my friends who have served in various locations over the past 15-20 years and all of them say the same things. 1 or 2 people, I thought they were yanking my leg. Then I heard the same tales from others that did not know my other friends. As time passed, I heard more of the same things from others that had been lucky enough to make it home! 

You hear something from 1 person, you think: Yeah, OK! Then you usually dismiss it... You then hear the same things from multiple people who have no way of knowing the other sources? You start to wonder. After knowing several people, knowing they did not know each other, I had to find out! 

These Muslims are not to be trusted, they are NOT who and or what they say they are! I would not trust any Muslim as far as I could bowl them! 

On to my comments that I have left on Yahoo that started this rant: The Yahoo! article can be found here:

I posted this comment about 2 hours ago, so far 34 thumbs up and 7 down:

This is so far out of hand! You come to America? You do have to accept certain ways of things! When I go to work... I have a uniform or dress code I have to abide by. Why should some Muslim be treated differently? Hmm? There is NOT ONE good reason for them to NOT adapt! If we as Americans were to step foot on their land, we would have to ADAPT!

SHUT DOWN THE BORDERS! Send these sand merchants HOME!

I am very sure the camels have enjoyed the break, but I am for one SICK AND TIRED of our country being a laughing stock! These "people" are NOTHING of what they seem or say! The poop is about to hit the proverbial fan, and we are going to up the river...

After 35 minutes, I was curious as to what people thought of my rant, and so I felt compelled to check the status and I saw at that time, I had received 21 thumbs up and 4 thumbs down... I said this:

In reference to the people that give my comment a thumbs down? Read the Quran some time! Then GO TO these Muslim countries at some point! Women are forced to undergo female circumcisions! They are also taught and bred that men are their superior! So, if a woman shows signs of defiance, she is to be beaten... It says that in the Quran! Trust me, it does!

Then also take into consideration that Women are to be housed and used for the purpose of reproduction, ONLY! The men turn to other men for "pleasure"... No, I am not kidding! I am NOT trying to spread ill will, I am merely telling yahoo readers the things I have found out from extensive research and first hand observations!

I have NO USE for any of them...

As I sat here and thought about the nerd rage I had left, I thought of something else! I wrote more. The problem with Yahoo! is that I am limited in length of my typing, where here I am not met with that limitation. Also, on Yahoo! people tend to not read the entire thing if I actually spell out my entire thought... That annoys me, so I sum up and hope for the best! 

Second comment left, I have 21 thumbs up and 4 thumbs down:

I find this TRULY funny! I really do! Lets look at the FACTS! Shall we?

Muslims come here: TAX FREE! We go there? What are we getting free? TOE TAGS and Body Bags!

Then Muslims come here and get social security money, and healthcare. I go there, I get beheaded!

Muslims are now being seen by Wal-Mart, McDonald's and many other corporations as the NEW Target demographic.

What sand merchant has any product lines with ME in mind? Oh, artillery!

They come here and they rape our finances, and get the healthcare and funding for school that I CANNOT GET! I was born and raised here! I contribute to taxes EVERY 2 weeks! I GET NOTHING!

Now these women are using OUR legal system to fight for their religious rights? HOW IRONIC is that!? Seriously! It says IN THE QURAN! To infiltrate, deceive and KILL ALL infidels and Nonbelievers... That sounds like a REALLY peaceful book to me!

Now, these people are here taking every cent and inch they can... Now I have to pay for them to be here?! WHY!

KICK THEM OUT! There is NO such thing as a useful Muslim! Not one!

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