Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Like a Virus... The Infection Spreads...

This Muslim epidemic that is sweeping across America has got to stop! I am willing to bet that 99% of the bleeding hearts that are supporting this wacko, have not and will not read the Quran... Their "Holy Book" is quite interesting to say the least!

They are instructed by their teachings to infiltrate, and deceive their enemies in preparations to punish and kill the nonbelievers and all infidels... Think about that for a minute!

Then look at the fact that the Muslims are NOT what they say and claim to be! They are NOT peaceful in any form! They are taught and bred into violence and intolerance! They come here and live free off of my tax dollars and get what I am not eligible for in the ways for funding for school, and health care. They come here, and they are handed money, education, and FREE health care...

If that is the case, I do not see why I should continue to pay taxes! I have no say in who and what my tax money supports? Why should I be required and forced to pay into it? I work 2 jobs, I am the sole supporter of 4 people and that being said, I am NOT able to get health care! Yet, I have to sit idly by as these deceptive, low life, scum bag, camel jockeys walk into the country I was born in and they get MORE than I am entitled to receive? I am NOT looking for hand outs! I am looking for help and assistance to help me get my family what is needed!

Again, I scream out WHY!? These sand merchants come here, find loop holes in our economy, government, and laws and then they scream at how they are discriminated against? There are stories and articles in the news every day about how tourists are kidnapped, wrongfully imprisoned, or just down right murdered in their countries... Why? They were there... Oh, but WE Americans are the INTOLERANT ONES!?

BITE ME! Every single Muslim can choke on the Quran! Shove up or down an orifice, I don't care which, all I know is that their faith is full of lies, and hate... I thought that the Catholics were nuts... These people make The Catholic diocese look like Mickey Mouse! 

If you come to America there are some rules that need to be adapted to and that goes with NOT exception! If I were to go to their land, prior to being kidnapped and violently tortured, I am sure that I would be FORCED to follow their customs!

On to my closing argument for this rant... I leave you with this thought...

They are the MOST violent and outrageously intolerant religion on Earth and their "Holy Book" says:

Believers, take neither the Jews nor the Christians for your friends. They are friends with one another. Whoever of you seeks their friendship shall become one of their number. God does not guide the wrong-doers. Quran: 5:51

So, when they come HERE and I have to pay for them to be here? Then I have to bend to their ways HERE AND THERE!?

NO! Send them home!

I am sure the camels are lonely!

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