Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Arguing With an Idiot Proves There are Two...

There was an article in the news today about the discovery of the Neo-Nazi groups using codes in everyday material. There are a lot of people screaming for and against these people. I had somethings to say... I have to admit that I have NEVER gotten this kid of a response before! No where near as many votes or as quick either! 

Inside of an hour I had almost 150 thumbs up and 60 thumbs down. This is what I had to say...

Funny how ALL Minorities can scream their pride songs and flash their signs and banners all day... As soon as a White man does, it's racist! There are Asian Clubs, African-American Clubs and so on at a lot if not all major universities. Is there a Caucasian Club? NO! That would be racist! There is so many people LOOKING for something to complain about! I do not care what color or nationality you are... If you treat me like crap, I will not like you. It is human nature to stereo-type. Stereo-types come from somewhere, and seeing how MOST if not all minorities live up to these stereo types... Most of them embrace it, ignorance is alive and well!

I had 30 replies. 32 total, but 2 of them were my replies to the ignorance that I felt was attacking me! 

Reply #1:

I must have struck a nerve... Wow! I am just saying that It is FUNNY as hell to me that people scream rights for one race or ethnicity and do NOT extend the same to OTHERS! Black Panthers... Heard of them? I have! They are still around! They also preach, teach and spread hate and propaganda! Then you have your Neo-Nazi movements. You have extremists in EVERY group! I do not care what you idiots say about me and my thoughts! I know what I know! I lived in a VERY urban area for several years and I was beat mercilessly almost daily! Cause I am WHITE! I am German, English, Swedish, and Native American decent. However, by government documentation and pigeon holing, I am WHITE! Also QUITE proud to be! I see all these Blacks, and Hispanics pulling the race card all the time! IT IS OLD! It is done and tired! Get over it! Move on! I am tired of people telling me that I have all the advantages cause, oh yeah I'm WHITE! Get bent with that kind of attitude! There are a lot of things that people have no clue on! A LOT! I know more about WWII than most, and I know more about the Nazi Movement than most as well! So ANY of you out there that are Nerd Raging at me? Please make sure you are educated and ready to argue before you start calling names and slinging racial slurs! I will put any of you in your place and with extreme quickness! :) Have a great day!

Reply #2:

Funny how so many of these replies are screaming all sorts of ignorance... I will challenge you people... Go to Youtube, look up the videos that were drawn, animated and published by Walt Disney for the Nazi Movement! I am serious, they do exist! Walt was a Nazi Supporter! Now, you say that people with PHD's and things like that do not support these groups? There are a lot of people you would never imagine that do support them in one fashion or another. Me? No, I do not! However, I find their rhetoric to be rather one sided and overall ignorant! Personally, I do harbor feelings and thoughts against some, but not all. There are dirt bags and scum in ALL races and nationalities! ALL! So, personally I would say that I hate everyone equally and so with me not liking too many if any people out there, I cannot be considered racist. I am an equal opportunity hater! As far as who I do hate, and of those people that I hate, I would say that they made that list themselves! The people that I do not like and the people that I am guilty of stereotyping, they EARNED that qualification! If I see a person of another nationality, or race and they are dressed decent, I don't give them a second thought... I see some one else of the same race or nationality slinging drugs, or beating on another person along with others... Tell me why I should not stereotype them? Please! Everyone is stereotyped.! EVERYONE! I am a bald white man. I have shaved my head since i was 17 years old... I have been losing my hair since I was in my mid to late teens. I am going to go bald with dignity! I REFUSE to rock the comb over, or sport the Friar Tuck... Automatically, I am a racist, skinhead, Neo-Nazi... No one realizes that I am VERY close with a lot of people outside of my race. I am friends with people of other orientations as well. So, when you see me or someone looking like me walking towards you, REMEMBER that you are judging them at the same time that they are JUDGING YOU! 

Funny how that works, isn't it!?

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