Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Nerds Vs. In-Crowd (I got $20 on the Nerds!)

 There was a Yahoo article on how the Nerds are always picked and bullied in school. They looked at the nerds of yesterday and compared them to their cooler counterparts. The findings were rather amusing to me. Due to the fact that Nerds and the Kids kept out of the in-crowd actually make it further in life and make more of their existence.

Being both a Nerd in High School and also having played football for many years, I saw the worst of both sides. If I were lucky enough to be in a position to hire someone, I would choose brains over brawn 200% of the time. Yes the jocks have the muscle to get the job done... The smart kids would figure out a way to make up what they lack! Some work hard, and others work smart! 

**The Pearls of Wisdom I Left at Yahoo Follow**

I was picked and bullied for many years. Back when I was growing up, my family and my school staff said I needed to stop being weird and different! I needed to do what it took to fit in! I did what I could to fit in, I did all I could to be part of the "In-Crowd", and when I would change to fit in and I continued to get rejected, it hurt even more! When I would read books, the bullying started again. I decided to play football to be part of the in-crowd and even being part of a team I was still shunned and alienated!

My 11th grade teacher was the first person in the academic field to ever stand up for me. He said that he found it funny how they would make fun of me for reading and trying to see out of the box and look beyond the current mold.

I have moved on and I am still doing all I can to learn and see what I can get my hands into! The people that I went to school, not one of them are anything that I would consider even remotely successful. The Nerds and Geeks that I found comfort in and acceptance by took me in and taught me more than I ever knew possible! I owe those people more than I can ever repay! The jocks and cool kids will continue to live in yesteryear and I am doing everything I can to move on!

They laughed at me cause I was different... I am still laughing at them, cause they are all the same!

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