Friday, April 22, 2011

U.S. missiles kill 25... They act like it is a bad thing...

Todays first blog entry is regarding the news about 25 people killed by U.S. Drone bombs... I find my self asking: So? I posted the comment below and within seconds of posting, I had positive feedback! I do not know if it is due to the desensitizing of the general American public or if it is lack of sympathy for the people that help and aid terror groups.

I do understand their position to an extent, if they do not help the radicals, they themselves will be killed. Not much choice there right? Well, that sounds an awful lot like another group of radicals! The Nazi Party forced people to help them and if they refused... They in turn were killed along with their families. Funny how we learn so much from history! What amuses me further is that I remember a certain person from my past would say that the men and women who aided the Nazi's did have a choice! They could have said NO! The men in the Nazi Party should have known what they were doing is wrong and take a stand!

If they did, they were then killed too. However what most people do not take into consideration is the amount of propaganda that these cultures force on their people at an early age and everything that happens is not their fault, but that of the opposing sides! Going back to my Nazi comparison... WW1 Germany lost. The National Socialist party spread the news that the German downfall was to be blamed on the Jewish people. That did nothing but add massive amounts of fuel to an already burning fire!

These people in the lands abroad only know what they are told and they are cur off from anything else! They are taught to NOT question, only do as instructed. Again, this sounds really familiar! When you are robbed of the human right to think for yourself, you will never will even if the freedom is handed back!

The article that I was reading you can find it here: 25 dead in Pakistan...
Truly pathetic how when the U.S. takes action against terror groups and people die. The U.S. dresses their soldiers and the military personnel in uniforms. The terror groups such as al-Qaida does not! These men and women that have taken it upon themselves to fight off the so called infidels of the U.S. and other countries. These Men and Women that have taken arms against the U.S. military have done all that they can to blend in with every day civilians over there and so who is who?

You have women now being recruited to be suicide bombers due to the fact that women are not frisked as often or as thoroughly as men are! Now, this general is griping at the U.S. for killing 25 people? So? Wartimes bring on harsh measures and people die.

When 9-11 happened 5K + people died in N.Y. city, did the Americans kick all the Muslims out? NO! Did we put them in P.O.W. camps? No! Did any Muslims here in America get randomly kidnapped, hurt, tortured, mutilated and or killed and then broadcast on TV and or the internet? NO! So, why is it that we stand idly by while they do this to OUR citizens and OUR troops?

The people that are reported dead, the 25 people who this general claims the bombs killed. How does he know that they were truly innocent? We are in a rerun of Vietnam! We are not wanted there, we have no business there, and we will never claim a victory there. The people are going to think of new ways to use scare tactics on the everyday citizens to help prevent being identified by the U.S. troops and with that action are they not just as guilty as the militants that the U.S. Troops are fighting against?

I am just saying that there are no innocent victims! If they take any role in the war by aiding the militants, or joining forces with them? The people that are harmed in the process put themselves in harms way! They cannot push the bill on the U.S. for keeping the best interest of our forces in mind. When they cry foul over 25 dead due to a missile strike? I scream foul at the 2 planes that killed 5K plus in N.Y. and also the many, many Americans that have been murdered while over seas and abroad! There is no comparison to be made here.

Just a follow up... I looked at the ratings I had after about 15 minutes and saw that I had 2+ and 4-, so I felt like nerd-raging a bit!

I wrote in response to my low rating:

Wow... 14 minutes since I posted and 2 up and 4 down so far... Got a lot of bleeding hearts reading today or the Militants are war-faring an internet connection in the caves! Sad to see when people are so blinded by the propaganda and more worried about the appearance of things rather than the pursuit of truth... I will always question things! I will always try to examine both sides. There are 2 sides to every story I do truly believe and understand that! However, when it comes to times of war against my fellow countrymen and women? I do say I am a bit bias! I have had friends and family serve and with that being said, I will happily shake the hands of any man or woman that serves in the armed forces defending the freedoms that WE are all exhibiting here! I can express my feelings, thoughts and even go as far to speak out against or to question authority without fear of some one kicking in my door and mercilessly murdering me and or my family! We have freedoms here that other people from other countries could not handle! I have seen it first hand!

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