Thursday, April 14, 2011

Royal Flush... the toilet!

Kate's pic in a Jelly Belly...

Above this edition of mindless rambling is a link as I am sure you see... The link will take you to a a Yahoo! story on how a couple found a jelly bean that has a triking resemblance to Kate Middleton or what ever her name is...

I do for some reason seem to be drawn to the news and current events in these modern times and I have no clue why but I am finding comfort in being as educated as I can while pushing the American paranoia and Government propaganda aside.

In my continued thirst of knowledge I see a lot of articles that do not even spark the slightest amount of interest in my mind. This rant is a contradiction in itself! The article I linked above is regarding the soon to be newly weds in the Royal Family.

In NO way shape or form do either of them have any bearing on me, my life, or impact anything I do since I was BORN here in a America! Why the American people and or media find this wedding and or anything to do with the Royal Family so damned interesting is beyond me!

On an average week day, Yahoo will have anywhere from 45-70 headlines and then there are sub-categories below it as well! For the last several weeks, or even months, I have lost count. Anyhow... I am so sick and overly tired of seeing stories about these kids getting married!

Wow, they were chummy in college, then she wore a lace skirt over her underwear to one of his classes and she had a body on her that made him pitch a royal tent! WOW! Riveting!

Every day I sort through the news articles to see what is going on in the world and even locally and I cannot go one day with out seeing at least 3 different articles about The Royal Wedding, who is invited, who got fake invites... OMG! Really? Where the hell does it end?

Oh wait, it doesn't! Now there is a jelly bean that has a STRIKING resemblance to her... That Jelly Belly looks like any woman with semi wavy hair! It is beyond the point of stupidity that theses kids are getting!

When I go to the grocery store, I am stuck waiting in line and what is on 1/3 of the magazine covers that I am surrounded by? That horse faced prince! Evey time I see Prince William, I swear he is the stunt double for Mr. Ed!

Seriously, I cannot wait for the day when this hype calms down! I am so sick of seeing them in the media! We have people HERE in America that are starving to death, we have people who cannot feed their families, and yet there are tons and tons of articles and websites and all sorts of other facets of coverage for this wedding that is costing the English people millions upon millions for a wedding! What the hell!? If I were living in England and saw the cost of this wedding, I would seriously consider starting a revolt!

Today I have seen 4 stories about the royal family. One I actually found amusing tho... The Queen is a part time gamer! She owns and plays a Nintendo Wii! That I found funny! However in what realm does any one really care this much about these kids? I doubt their own parents care this much?

Is it our years of neglect or the fantasy of the people to be one of the Royals? I don't get the attraction! I never will! Seriously!

While I was in college, I worked at the Andy Warhol Museum. While there I learned the origin of the phrase: "15 minutes of fame" Warhol said it and either did or tried to copyright the phrase in its entirety...

"In the future, every one will be famous for 15 minutes."

They have had months and months, and will be in the public eye for the rest of their lives... PLEASE for the love of God, put the spot light on some one else for 15 minutes! No, not me! I do not want to be in the spot light! I have a good life! I have a job, a wonderful wife and kids who I do adore! I do not need nor do I want fame to feel needed! Riches, that I would gladly take! However, the media needs to find more news worthy things to report!

I am all for the lighthearted message this jelly bean thing represents... It is a lighter side of life... Granted, the world is in a disturbing state of affairs, but please... PLEASE stop reporting on the royals for one day!? That would make me so much happier having been able to go 24 hours without seeing the redundant and mundane. The Monarchy is not something I care to read about, know about or see anything of...

The United States has enough problems that deserve and should get more coverage than a couple spoiled brats that will never know what it is to work a day in their lives! Again, we have OUR troops spread all over the world dying to protect our ways of life. We have entire families here that are homeless! Do we see people dropping millions of dollars at a time for that? Oh good lord no! Why not? Oh, I forgot it is not as important as following when the Royal Family members fart and sneeze...

I will never understand a lot of things, I am aware of that! The American Media will always remain one of those things!

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