Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Most Stressful Jobs 2011... People are insane!

Yes me again... I got in today and saw an article that peaked my interest... The article was on Yahoo! where they are talking about the most stressful jobs vs the pay... Yeah OK!

The first on the list was a Commercial Airline Pilot, which the average salary for a 9 hour day is $117K...

Second on the list was Public  Relations Executive, again a 9 hour day average salary is around $102K...

Third came out as Senior Corporate Executive which has a reported average salary of $167K...

Fourth place was listed as Photojournalist, that one I can see! They are going into places worse than Detroit, all the while risking their lives and all that for an average salary of $47K

Fifth and last in this article was a Newscaster rounding out with a salary of $43K...

What in the hell can a Newscaster have to worry about? Seriously!? All the news casters I have ever seen on TV were either overdosed on Prozac, or they were totally with out expression and or emotion... I do not see how a newscaster can even remotely say that they have a "STRESSFUL Job"!Just once, I would like to see a newscaster show some actual human emotion! Turn on the news and see a news reporter in the field standing in front of a horrific scene and they look right into the camera and start to address the masses... I can see it now! " This is Don Joe reporting to you live from outside this house on the 900 block of 8 Mile, where 19 bodies were uncovered and 4 more strategically placed in the fridge prepped for consumption. Authorities have no motive at this time, however let me say that this guy is TOTALLY F'd up! Back to you in the Studio guys!"

I would have to admit that there are jobs out there that are extremely stressful! However the ones listed above in the article that I am referring to in my opinion are far from it! Here are some jobs I have in mind that I think are far more stressful on people!

Full Time Mom's have a full time job which they actually receive NO compensation and NO breaks and they also are on call every day of the year with very, very little chance of time to themselves! A stay home mom, or a housewife today that takes care of the family is seriously overlooked! These women are raising children in today's society with is in a severe decline, however they usually do more than that! They will tidy up all day after the kids, cook and clean and then there is the never ending task of dishes and laundry... I am SURE that a stay home or full time Mom would GLADLY change diapers, wash dishes and get the skid marks out of your shorts for $167K a year! Oh, wait... That is right full time Mom's GET NO Compensation! And to boot, very little if any recognition!

There was a post by a pharmacist. He explained his day in a brief synopsis I truly believe that this article does not take into consideration that while those jobs are stressful, there are FAR MORE stressing occupations out there!

Here is a thought! Try not having a job due to outsourcing to other countries, or being unable to get a job due to demographics, or lack of education... It is not possible for every one to get the high paying jobs that ARE according to this article stressful!

It is possible for the common day person to be even more stressed out due to their every day grind in just trying to get by! Try feeding a family of 4 with an income under $30K a year when your rent keeps going up, the utilities show no sign of decreasing, and then groceries are getting to be outrageous. That is the great threshold in my opinion! That is the amount where you do not make enough to cover your expenses let alone enough to have a little break, but yet you make too much to get any form of assistance!

Oh, and did I mention that some people still do not have insurance? If I were a pilot, and making $117K a year or dare I dream the Corporate Executive salary of $167K, I would gladly take that stress for that amount of money any day of the week! IF I were able to have that kind of position, I would be at a company that offers insurance, and afford the bills I have. However being a common day person in a crumbling nation, with an economy that is imploding within itself... The people in this article have NO ROOM to cry foul!

I am NOT ever going to be rich in the financial aspect of life... I will never see an income in the hundreds of thousands or millions of dollar range. I would love nothing more than to have a position where I had enough money to cover my expenses and then be able to go to the store and buy things that most take for granted... New shoes on occasion. New clothes for my wife and or kids... I would LOVE to be able to have the luxury of taking my family to a decent sit down restaurant and not have the anxiety eating at me about how much it is going to cost... These are freedoms and abilities that some, not many but some people have. I do NOT want to be rich! I want to be comfortable...

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