Thursday, April 21, 2011

Columbine... Not forgotten, almost relived!

I am always talking about the decline of mentality of man as a whole... I saw this and was just ripped to my core as to how people are just literally living out of their brains any more! People are out in full force plotting and thinking of new and more outrageous ways of disrupting or destroying live of innocent people. Why? What did anyone in that mall do to provoke such an act? At what time could some one have crossed this man to the point where he felt it necessary to hurt, scare, or God forbid kill people?

Below, you see a link to the article and the comments that I left on the article. In case you do not feel like going or following the link? Let me sum up for you... There is a man that is seen on multiple videos walking into a stairwell where this make-shift bomb was found after someone had lit a fire. The alarms were signaled, the firefighters extinguished the fire and then found the bomb. The bomb was a pipe bomb rigged to 2 tanks of propane. Had it been able to detonate, it would have done some damage!
Bomb Placed in Colorado Mall...

I have commented on many articles that I have seen on Yahoo. In a lot of them I mention how the world as whole is in a severe decline in many ways! That guy is nothing more than another statistic to reinforce my opinion! It is beyond horrific knowing that people not only think of hurting others that are totally innocent, then this guy is among those who act upon this instinct! What is it in people today that make them do this? If some one wronged him in his life, what caused him to act out and try to cause problems that could have hurt many, many more!? Murders, Terrorists, Rapists, you know who I am referring to, the "Model Citizens" running loose on our streets... Personally, I am in favor of capital punishment and for this very reason! It is a contradiction in itself to think this way but, I do not want to see any one hurt! Not anyone! No man, woman or child! However when some one takes it upon themselves to do just that to random innocents? They should reap what they sew! Strap that contraption to him, lock him in very tight quarters and then... ignite! I do not agree with the judicial system! I do not understand why we the people are stuck paying for criminals that murder multiple people and are living free of charge on death row for decades due to the slow appeal process. So, I have to pay for thousands of people to live free while I have done nothing wrong... Something is REALLY messed up there! I will GIVE you the money to buy the ammunition to split the inmate's dome! The judicial system is even more corrupt than those it tries! Personally, I think that we should bring back public execution and punishment! You will see your crime rate drop over night! Put it on Pay-Per-View! Imagine the money to be made off of that! I know a lot of people are going to Nerd-Rage or give me a poor rating on this one, but... The mentality of the human race is getting worse and worse the longer we are all here. It is never going to get any better with out serious measures being taken and enforced!

After I had posted what you just read I checked to see if any one had replied to my pearls of wisdom... There was one thumbs up and one down, and this reply was left by another Yahoo user... 

 I am not defending this idiot in any way shape or form. But aren't you or the police curious for the reason--no matter how bizarre--behind the motives. A successful explosion would have the police hunting the person down with extreme prejudice. But are they asking the questions which may prevent future catastrophes. Some people have a story to tell. They spill the beans once caught.

I read what that user had to say and still felt compelled to reply...

I am truly curious actually! I am! I would hope that my rant in its entirety would show that I too am CONCERNED and would love to prevent this... However going with your thoughts on interrogating this guy, I would not use the candy lane way... NO! I would really like to see them enforce water boarding! Then he will truly rattle off what was going thru his mind! That I promise you! Too many people nowadays are too concerned with others! Let me explain? You see on the news all the time now where a convicted murderer is sentenced to death. Then the date of execution comes and there are inevitably protesters for and against the punishment! Now, both sides are presenting their case... One side against the punishment is wielding signs usually saying things like: Thou shall not kill, John 3:16, and various other biblical quotes... Well about that, Thou shall not kill? If that is the case THEY should be supporting the execution! Why do you think this person is being put to death? Let's go one step further? The people against the punishment, usually are NOT the ones that were victimized, or related to the victims in any way. So, do I even need to voice my opinion on those supporting capital punishment? If people want to get biblical, fine! DO! But do not stand there and pick and choose on what parts of the bible you want to listen to and practice! The bible clearly states: Thou shall not kill. Yes, however later on it says: An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. You kill, you die!

This article was reporting a man that thought how to, them acted upon his premeditation of this act, built the malfunctioning would be bomb, and then placed it in a place that may or may not have hurt any one but would still have scared a LOT of people! Causing mass panic in any form is very illegal! I hope that he is found, prosecuted, and then punished very harshly! When he is punished I hope that he gets to bunk with a couple nice guys... Some one like Ben Dover, or Dickie Hurts... Just saying!

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