Sunday, April 17, 2011

5 Dead in Ohio... Why?

Yahoo Article of this horror!

A northern Ohio man shot to death his wife and three children before calling a police emergency operator early Saturday and killing himself, police said.

Alan Atwater, 31, of Oak Harbor called a 911-operator at 12:11 a.m. Saturday and told the communications deputy "there has been a terrible accident at my house, my wife and three children are dead," the Ottawa County Sheriff's Office said.
Asked what happened, Atwater told the dispatcher "gunshot wound" and then "I'm getting ready to kill myself right now," the sheriff's office said.

The dispatcher then asked Atwater "did you kill them?" and he said "yes." The dispatcher asked "what went on," and Atwater ended the call, the office said.

Police said they found five bodies upstairs at the family's two-story farmhouse about 30 miles east of Toledo including Atwater; his wife Dawn, 30; daughter Ashley, 4; and sons Isaac and Brady, ages 2 and 1 respectively.
Atwater had no criminal record other than non-drug or alcohol-related traffic violations and was employed in the maintenance department at the Davis-Besse Nuclear Power Station, the sheriff's office said. Detectives were continuing an investigation.

Not only did I feel the need to blog about this, I have pasted the comment I left on that article on Yahoo...

I cannot believe the state of things in today's world. I have been a lot of place and witnessed a lot of things in my travels. I have never found anything that could possibly justify harming a woman or child! I cannot grasp how some one could hurt or even go as far as taking the lives of women and or children... Then this man went even further and did these unspeakable acts to HIS OWN family! I am not saying it is justified to act upon these impulses on others, I am just in sheer terror how some one can take on a life with some one and then create a family, then goes so far to take them out of this life. I cannot figure that out! If he wanted to kill himself, whatever... Those kids and that woman could not possibly have done anything to warrant that punishment that he felt necessary... That family will be in my thoughts for quite some time! May the woman and the children rest in peace... Him? I hope he has plenty of marshmallows, hoping he ends up somewhere VERY warm!

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